Umpire Greg Gibson spiked near eye by Torii Hunter (Video)

Umpire Greg Gibson left Wednesday’s Angels-Indians game after being spiked near the eye by Torii Hunter on a freak play.

Hunter was attempting to score from first on a double by Kendrys Morales in the bottom of the fifth. As he went diving into home plate, he angled his body away from home plate to try to avoid the tag from catcher Carlos Santana. Hunter’s right leg flew into the air and his cleat caught home plate umpire Greg Gibson in the side of the head.

Gibson began bleeding near his left eye immediately after being spiked by Hunter’s cleat. He was treated by a medical team and exited the game, leaving the umpiring crew down a man. Umpire Manny Gonzalez moved from first to home to replace Gibson.

Angels announcer Victor Rojas said on the telecast that Gibson received stitches for the cut and that he was taken to the hospital for precautionary X-rays.

We frequently get on umpires for making horrible calls like this one, but Wednesday’s incident is a reminder that the job — especially for umpires behind the plate — has its hazards.

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  • cw84721

    Horrible call?  The writer reporting this story is an idiot.  That’s right, an IDIOT!  I would love to see this moron in any situation try to make a call in person, in front of ten’s of thousands of cheering fans, while the players are moving at the very fast pace that they do, while the ball is coming in, and decide in an instant if the ball beat the runner, or the runner beat the ball, then if the tag was put on the runner before he touched the plate. This person is a complete moron and should not cover sports.  

  • eaglesbumb

    You have to click the link dumbass and you will see the horrible call that umpire made.  You need to read more before you start shooting your mouth off, idiot.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LIRQ6645HDW6EFQRG326YRXNK4 superhowie55

    today the technology is available to get calls right i think we should use it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TV7MS324GYX264U64QFDVHCOLU bud

    The runner was out. Simple call.

  • mstaylor38

    cw84721  is  correct, the writer is either an idiot or completely clueless. Leave the reference to giving a hard time out of it, it serves no purpose in the story,and it a good article. Referencing bads calls and linking to a particular play just shows he has never walked on a field in his life.