Washburn: Mariners Deserve Boos

First it was Ichiro saying that the Mariners were playing so poorly that he’d be drinking beer and booing the team if he were at the games. Ichiro generally keeps comments to himself, so hearing that carried even more weight. Well, after getting swept by the Nationals — truly an amazing feat — Jarrod Washburn stepped up and admitted what we all know:

Mariners fans have had almost nothing to cheer about this season, and they’ve had plenty to boo. For the most part, the booing has been muted, but Sunday it could be heard in a volume approximating that of a 737 landing at SeaTac.

“When we’ve played like this,” pitcher Jarrod Washburn said, “we should be booed.”

With a .348 winning percentage, the Mariners are currently the worst team in baseball — by a wide margin. Even the worst teams have at least 28 wins and a .400 winning percentage. The Mariners are 24-45, 21 games under .500. I never imagined things could possibly get this bad for them. Last month I was doing a radio interview and was asked which manager would probably be first to go, the obvious choice being Willie Randolph. I didn’t take the bait, instead going with McLaren because the Mariners were underachieving by a ridiculous amount. This team is far too talented to be this pathetic. Maybe they do need a change at the top. And Washburn is right — the fans should be booing a team this bad.

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    LB, once again you prove you are the man

    “Well, after getting swept by the Nationals — truly an amazing feat —”

    lol man.

    Good thing you have that team in your divison. My Indians are at that point of still being barley in it while debating to trade CC.

    I would like to see a post, possibly closer to trade deadline, of who you would like to see traded, possible trades, etc.

    always a pleasure


    oh, still think the o’s should of never traded bedard?

    sherrill will be an all star. adam jones is going to be at the very least an everday, above average fidler/batter, chris tillman doing a good job in the minor leagues and they still got two other guys in the deal. all without paying bedard 2 years of arbitration and possibly giving im another 80 mil. now the mariners want to trade him

    that franchise is a joke right now

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Jewcy, I was wondering when you were going to bring the trade back up based on how both teams are doing. Forgetting how bad Seattle is and how surprisingly competitive the O’s are, I still think it was the right deal. Sherrill proves that all you need to do is take any halfway decent reliever, put him in the 9th, and he’ll get saves. I saw him struggle against the Pirates over the weekend for one. As for Jones — the centerpiece of the deal — I still don’t see the offensive productivity. Maybe in time. I know this though: Bedard isn’t the reason the M’s are struggling. If he weren’t around, they’d be 30 games under.