Charles Barkley Calls 80s Celtics ‘Ugliest Team in NBA History’

Bird McKale Parish Johnson Walton

It’s Charles Barkley, so is it really shocking when he says something anymore? The guy raced an aging NBA official, sealed it with a kiss, and he followed that up by pissing off the entire Bay Area. So the man of many words was being interviewed on NESN to talk about the Celtics additions of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett (which I admit I never thought would happen). Check out what he said about the new look Celtics:

You know the Celtics, their uniforms have gotten better. And they got a better looking team, because in the 80s, with McHale, Bird, and Parish, they had the ugliest team in NBA history. They had Bill Walton [he] was ugly too. I think their team is much better looking with Paul and Ray and Kevin. But their uniforms have gotten better and their team has gotten much better looking in the 2000s.

Not as if Charles Barkley is the foremost representative on looks and fashion, but I have to admit, that is pretty freaking funny. I swear, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to Sir Charles. I guess that’s what makes him great.

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  • http://myspace.com/alanbshepard gp john

    charles is way off base about the unis

  • http://pointguardu.com nick

    The Teams that Charles played on had some ugly ass uniforms as well so he don’t have much room to speak…

  • http://completesports.blogspot.com twins15

    LOL! Charles is the best… that guy is freakin’ hilarious.

  • http://ballhype.com Jason

    It ain’t libel if it’s true.

  • Marco

    That made my night

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  • DanO

    He’s right. But he forgot to add the BEST team in NBA history.

  • Captain America

    They were ugly when the opposing team had to play them. Charles is butt ugly and today looks like a brown beach ball with legs.

    Look forward to seeing him, Reg, Magic, etc in the fall on “the show”.

  • George

    Ehemm…. Has he not watched the early 2000 version of the Kings? Come on, now that was ugly! Bibby, Christie, Peja, Turkoglu, Vlade? Go ahead, look at some photos, and they may not outright beat out the 80 Celtics, but you can’t deny they put up more than a scrappy fight for this title.

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  • Andy

    I think Tyrone Hill was uglier than Popeye Jones. Probably still is.

  • D1

    haha, can’t argue with this one…

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  • Joe

    Did Charles just watch American History X? Remember that scene where Ed Norton and the black inmate are talking basketball (Lakers, Vs. Celtics), folding laundry? Norton says the “Celtics, best team ever.” to which the black inmate replies, “They have to be the ugliest bunch of motherfuckers in the history of basketball.” My favorite part though, has to be “Ugly? What about James Worthy?”, “James had ladies.”

  • Nick

    The Clippers are probably the ugliest in the league today. Sam Cassell, Chris Kaman…

  • Erik

    They were pretty ugly, but as the Sports Guy has pointed out, the ’87 Bucks take the title of ugliest team of all time. Moncrief and John Lucas (at the height of the “balding afro” and fu-manchu combo craze), Randy Brewer, Jack Sikma and his perm mullet, and last, but most definitely not least, the one and only Paul Mokeski, the least athletic looking professional athlete of all time.

  • JLaLa

    Charles brings comedy…but did we win a ring. Jealousy rears its ugly head.

  • Martin

    Charles apologize to the Celtics Team. You did not mention DJ. Show some respect for the death of a Super Sonic and Celtics player.

  • buck

    Charles is not a good looking man, and not the slimmest either. He must have just gotten tired of getting racked by that celtics team, because the 1978 Sonics team was by far uglier. Marvin Wester, Jack Sikma, DJ, John Johnson, Paul Silas, Fred Brown, Slick Watts. Can’t top that one.

  • J

    Didn’t the Bucks have Anthony Mason and Sam Cassell on the same team? You can’t get any uglier then that!

  • Stratton

    “The Clippers are probably the ugliest in the league today. Sam Cassell, Chris Kaman…”

    They have the ugliest team in history, Kaman is by far the ugliest player to ever play with his ratty thinning hair, and sam cassel might be the runner up of the ugliest player to ever play, the dude looks like an alien.

  • kantongguijo

    Here’s my ugliest starting five:
    Patrick Ewing (Center)
    Anthony Mason (Power Forward)
    Latrell Sprewell (Small Forward)
    Stephen Jackson (Shooting Guard)
    Sam Cassell (Point Guard)

  • Gheorghe Muresan

    Popeye Jones
    Gheorghe Muresan

  • Tman

    Ugliest Team 1-12

    SC – Patrick Ewing
    SPF – Tyrone Hill
    SSF – Popeye Jones
    SSG – Jeff Hornacek
    SPG – Sam Cassell


    Jerry “Caveman” Stackhouse
    Georghe Muresan
    Bryant Reeves
    Stephen Jackson
    Manute Bol
    Devon George
    Chris Kaman

  • houston

    How could anyone forget Carl Herrera from the 95 Houston Rockets???? LOL!!! He and Sam “unborn fetus-face” Cassell are the two of the worst looking people on the planet, much less the NBA, LOL …..

  • Dan

    Though Popeye Jones is ugly. The ugliest team title undoubtedly goes to the late 90s/early 2000s Sacramento Kings. Chris Webber (the most decent looking of the bunch), mike bibby, bobby jackson (i really think he looks like a ghoul), scott pollard, stojakovic, the list goes on and on.

  • LanierFan

    How Greg Kite and Fred Roberts were left out as Barkley’s Exhibits F and G is a mystery to me. But no matter. Others that you adolescents can’t remember include Rob “The Piranha” Williams, Dave “Crater Face” Meyers and Keith Closs.

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  • ass


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  • http://cdgfvgvbutf Lil Miss!

    Some of yo stories are so fuckin halairious!!!!!DAMN

  • http://saabir saabir

    the ugliest team ever is the 2001-2002 celtics. walter mccarty, tony delk, tony battie, antoine walker, eric williams, kenny anderson, shall i go on.

  • http://www.yahoo.com baferucel

    ugliest is Ben Wallace and all the Pistons

  • td27

    charles barkey is jealous with the 80’s celtics team, they beat 76ers and the celtics go on with the 3 titles , 1981, 1984 1986, barkley never win a title hahahahahahaha.

  • danny partridge

    hey yall–charles barkley gives the best oral satisfaction i have ever had in my life. i mean charles can work a stick like no other male on this earth. i just wish charles was bold enough to cum out of the closet and marry me. omg charles if you see this please-and i beg you-please cum out and be my man.


    did i mention that charles knows how to work a males genitalia like no other.


    in other words – charles sux sum good azz dick bioooooooootch

  • Danny Vinyard

    Please don’t credit Charles Barkley for this “pretty freaking funny,” “out of bounds” comment about the Celtics being the “ugliest team in NBA history.”

    Charles is not original. He is actually paraphrasing Lamont, a character played by Guy Torry in American History X, who said “(The Celtics are) the ugliest team in the history of sports.”

    Here’s a transcript of the scene from the movie:

    Lamont: How do you figure the Lakers to ever be a bigger dynasty…than the Celtics?

    Derek (Edward Norton): The Lakers are a flare-up, a fluke.

    Lamont: Are you crazy?

    Derek: One good coach for four years. The Celtics are a dynasty!

    Lamont: Come on, man. The Celtics, right? The ugliest team in the history of sports. A dynasty of ugly motherfuckers, man. Look at Kevin McHale.