Charles Barkley stored Vaseline in his belly button while he played

Charles Barkley eyebrowsCharles Barkley has been mocked on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” for many of his personal hygienic and grooming habits. The crew teased him recently for getting his eyebrows waxed. Barkley was not embarrassed; he even boasted about getting manicures and pedicures. But things may have gone a little too far on Friday.

During halftime of the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge in Houston, Hall of Famer Karl Malone revealed on TNT that Chuck used to store Vaseline in his naval while he played.

“He had the shiniest lips I ever seen on a human being, male or female,” Malone said.

Barkley defended himself, “Ain’t nothing worse than a black man with big crusty lips.”

Barkley said he used the Vaseline to prevent chapped lips, and that many other people with large lips could relate to him.

“American’s on my side with this one,” Barkley responded.

Gross image of Barkley’s belly button below:

Charles Barkley Vaseline

Should we classify this one as TMI?

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  • black1516

    the femenization of the black-man thats the new calling card,these race traders like arkley,will sell there mothers out for money,just think about all the black young men who sees this image

  • 1factual

    He’s one odd rags to riches pretty boy with feminine tendencies who thinks hes on top of the world. If it wasn’t for the sport he’d be slapping pigs.

  • Taulago Niusulu

    I don’t care who’s better…Barkley are you boy Georges twin brother? Say it aint so……

  • sparkymc1

    What’s wrong with trying to look your best.  Most of us women do whatever it takes to look
    our best.

  • Tyger Davis

    my father is black and has being using vaseline for his lips for as long as i have been alive. sheesh who cares..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KCS3Y6VPV2ZQPEWGGZLPSKQI7M Maynard

    He would not be slapping pigs.  That is abusive to animals.  I just hope that he would not be using that vaseline on them although they say you can put lipstick on a pig.