Devin Harris Ejected for Tackling Blake Griffin, Clippers Still Lose

Just how bad are the Clippers? They’re so bad an opposing team can lose its best player early in the game and still beat them on the road. Yup, the Clippers dropped to 1-10 and lost their sixth straight game falling at home to the Nets 110-96. New Jersey got the win despite point guard Devin Harris getting ejected in the second quarter for tackling forward Blake Griffin.

Griffin broken free in the open court following a turnover and had an easy dunk in front of him. Harris came from behind to deny the easy deuce but wound up being assessed a flagrant 2 foul and getting ejected.

Nets talking puppet head coach Avery Johnson said Devin Harris wasn’t looking to hurt Griffin but he just didn’t want to give up the easy layup. I would agree with that assessment. So did Griffin, who said after the game he could tell there was no malicious intent behind the move.

The Nets didn’t need Harris because Jordan Farmar came on and dished out 12 assists while the team shot 60% from the field. The Clippers hovered slightly below 40% with Eric Bledsoe and Eric Gordon combining to shoot just 33%. They may challenge the Timberwolves for the dubious distinction of worst team in the league.

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  • Anonymous

    Last time I checked, there’s better ways to stop a layup than grabbing him around the neck area and more legal means as well. The Harris foul was almost as heinous as a clothes-line aka John Starks on Scottie Pippen.

    How there wasn’t a fight afterward is beyond me. I can name a few teams that would have thrown blows but the Clippers haven’t learn to protect each other and enforce proper etiquette. We’ll see if the Clippers learn the art of payback the next time the two teams play each other.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Probably a good reason why the Clips are 1-10 this year

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    Reminds me of the clip posted on LBS earlier of the greek team where the guy had his head stepped on but nobody did anything! Perhaps, the new technical rules have the players scared…