Forget Kobe and Jordan: Paul Pierce Says He’s the Best Player in the World

I’ve been pretty high on Paul Pierce in the past, saying that he deserved some MVP consideration based on how valuable he was to the horrendous Celtics squad from two years ago. Even though I think highly of Pierce — especially after the way he performed in the playoffs this year — calling him the best player in the world is a stretch. I figure guys like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and maybe even Chris Paul can lay claim to that argument. Anyhow, when asked who the best player in the world was, Pierce’s answer was himself, and added he even added this:

“There’s a line that separates having confidence and being conceited. I don’t cross that line, but I have a lot of confidence in myself.”

“I have an opinion, I have a right to have one and that’s the way I feel. I felt I’ve played against the best over the years and felt right now that I’m the best player in the world.”

You know what? Damn the man, why should he let anyone tell him that he’s not he best player in the world? As long as he thinks it and is a confident player who backs it up, what’s wrong with maintaining that attitude? Sure, it’s a problem when Ricky Davis thinks that way because then he’s jacking up 20 shots a game, but when Paul Pierce is in the NBA Finals, maybe that attitude helps give him a competitive edge on the court. I appreciate that attitude. It might be incorrect, but he sure does have the last laugh, not to mention a Finals MVP Trophy to go with it.

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  • Anders(on) Varejao

    I love how Pierce says he doesn’t cross the line of being conceited, and then proceeds to call himself the best player in the world.

    Kobe is cocky and conceited, but I don’t think even he has ever flat out called himself the best player in the world. You know he thinks it, but I don’t think he’s ever said it.

    And I think the addition of KG, Ray Allen, and James Posey might have helped him a little bit this year. Congrats on the Finals win Paul, but enjoy it without displaying your ever expanding ego.

    BTW, how’s the knee?

  • http://www.UCLAradio.com the driver

    chris…get over it. They bought a championship for one year and now they will bow down to the lakers for a few years in a row. It will feel damn good to watch the lake show sweep them

  • http://www.aol.com xrism

    Paul Pierce is an imbecile.

    Paul Pierce saying he is better than Kobe Bryant is like Penny Hardaway saying he was better than Michael Jordan.

    This championship that Kevin Garnett brought to Boston is getting to Pierce’s head.

  • sheikh…

    jordan played in an era where i think basketball was not as good….athletes were not as athletic….strong…..swift….all that god stuff…put him in the mix now in his prime and i guarentee he will not do nearly as good….he is still the greatest of all time in my opinion no doubt but yu have to understand the mechanics…pierce saying he is the greatest is a little much…but when playing against the best during the most important times, he brings out his A game….his career high of 50 is on lebron james the “king”…wat a lie that is but back to my point….Pierce dropped his highest against the best…Game 7 of the semi finals he dropped 41 i think to single handedly bring a victory and advance the celtics…xrism is a freaking idiot..kevin garnett brought himself not a championship….pierce took them there….finals where celtics were thought to loser is 6…they won in 6…pierce’s knee is a fake…ur just a hater…stop hating..celtics r the best team in the league…like it or not u cant stop them…so shut up and watch a dynasty in action…pierce is one of the greatest…no doubt in my mind…..under rated all star he is …and he continues to prove the world otherwise…..wake the hell up….