LeBron James called for 5 BS fouls in 13 minutes (Video)

Whether you want to believe the NBA has an agenda or not is up to you, but if you’ve been watching the NBA playoffs this year there’s no way you couldn’t see some patterns with games. Take for instance what happened on Wednesday night in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.

The Heat were up 3-1 in the series and LeBron James had a dominating Game 4 performance on Monday. The Pacers probably were going to lose the game if something didn’t change. So what happened? LeBron was called for three fouls in the first half and forced to sit on the bench. Then he was called for a fourth foul in the first minute of the third quarter … and he was called for his fifth foul in only 13 minutes of action.

LeBron James foulThe referees called fouls on plays they would normally let go. Usually they don’t call fouls on LeBron because he’s the league superstar and the reason fans show up to games. It’s almost always in the league’s best interest to have James on the floor. But, on Wednesday, it was like they were trying to even out the playing field and give the Pacers a chance to win the game by ensuring James could only play limited minutes.

It’s in the league’s best interest to extend series. They make more money that way, their TV partners are satisfied, advertisers get more for their buck, and it helps build interest in the series/playoffs. The league doesn’t have to control the outcomes of games, but they can do small things that have significant impacts like calling fouls on key players. It’s like they were handicapping the Heat by forcing James out of the game. And Indiana still couldn’t take control until Paul George got hot in the second half!

What happened to LeBron in Game 5 was seriously disgusting, but the problem is you won’t hear anyone say anything about it. When players or coaches complain about the officiating, they get fined. Nobody on any of the networks that televise the games can say anything because their networks are partners with the league and don’t want to lose TV rights. It’s big business at stake. And if they do say anything, they’ll get a firm tongue lashing from their bosses or the league.

That’s why the only outlets who can point out the obvious in situations like these are places like LBS. You think it’s a coincidence that the referees put LeBron in foul trouble for Game 5 to make it at least a six-game series? Heck no. It’s the same reason Zach Randolph was suspended for Game 7 against the Thunder. It’s the same reason Chris Paul was called for BS ticky-tack fouls early against the Thunder. It’s the same reason the refs started called everything in favor of OKC in Game 5 against the Clippers. You know they want the Thunder and the Heat. It’s been obvious since the first round. All you have to do is follow the fouls in games and you’ll see what’s going on. Just don’t say anything out loud, otherwise you might hear from the league!

Video via GIFD Sports

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  • Ronald

    Larry you are the man, telling it how it is I love it!!

  • Jim Clark

    I couldn’t agree more Larry. My brother Tim and I were discussing this last night. The NBA is rigged, no ifs ands or buts about it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens tonight in SA.

  • SpinMax

    Boom! I lub you larry

  • Bob Keeler

    The game is no longer fun when the refs are so bad

  • dd

    The NBA obviously think we are all idiots
    to not recognize what a disgrace this game was. They should have let
    Indiana just play with 6 players on the court. I nearly gave up the
    NBA a few years ago because I was sick of all the sketchiness and just
    blatant fixing of games, but they’ve now lost me. I know Paul George
    was lights out last night, but thats easy to do when you have no one
    defending you. NBA fans should really consider a class action lawsuit
    against the NBA.

  • JohnD77

    Saying the refs were for the Thunder in the Clippers series because of one or two calls at the end of one game makes you dilusional and asinine. The Thunder were getting shafted all series.

  • Number Six

    LeBaby (The Flopper) finally got called for fouls that others get called for all the time. With his reaching in, elbowing and physical play he never fouls out and rarely gets called? Even Van Gundy stated shock about that.

  • Jason

    The NBA doesn’t get more money per games. The television money is already spent. The only rigging that could happen is if ESPN (Disney) rigged the game since the only additional money is the advertising. The NBA was already paid for its television rights. Didn’t most people learn this from 2002 with Lakers/Kings?

  • Arsen Dadyan

    This guy obviously doesn’t know Sh#$ about pro sports and how fixed they really are….It’s not just the 1 or 2 big calls that everybody notices at the end…It’s the subtle bs fouls early and often on the star player that helps to change the tempo and the momentum of the teams….they won’t call obvious fouls on put back shots or rebounds, yet they call fouls on pick-n-roll or ticky tack fouls 30ft away from the basket…wake up!! The more games that are televised, the more money that goes into the NBA and it’s affiliates(TNT,ESPN) pockets! The reason that nobody mentions it is because the golden rule is that you DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU….or else you get fined for $25k. Larry knows me and he can vouch for a lot of this cuz we’re on the same page. BTW…I’m happy that you finally got to use ASININE in a sentence, I’m sure that you’ve waited a long time to use it in a sentence!!!That’s an SAT term!!!