LeBron James says it’s ‘disgusting’ that Heat can’t watch the Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl will be the thing to do on Sunday, but the Miami Heat won’t be able to do it. While the NBA is careful not to schedule any games during the most popular sporting event of the year in America, the Heat have a 2 p.m. EST game against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday. The Super Bowl starts at 6 p.m. EST, meaning the Miami-Toronto game will be over by then. However, LeBron James and company will be on a plane without satellite television while it’s airing.

“How disgusting is that?” LeBron said Wednesday, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Worse yet, the plane doesn’t have wireless internet. I find it amazing that I can fly JetBlue economy class and watch TV or cruise the internet but the Miami Heat don’t have that luxury. And staying in Toronto for the Super Bowl isn’t an option, since the Heat have another game at home against the Charlotte Bobcats the following night.

“If the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl, I’d stay there for the game,” James said.

Looks like there’s nothing that can be done in this situation. LeBron is known to be a pretty big Dallas fan, so I wouldn’t doubt that he’s serious about staying if the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl. The good news for LeBron is that as long as Tony Romo is taking the snaps he won’t have to worry about a scheduling conflict forcing him to miss his favorite team play for a championship.

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  • SpinMax

    Finally a big time athlete says this! But he still doesn’t know how lucky he is. He could be the guy who rather than spending time with his family on christmas or watching the super bowl…is selling hot dogs at his game. This is the first super bowl that we HAVEN’T had an event.

  • USA_Love

    Disgusting Indeed. Totally Un-American.  What kind of country is it when people who earn multi-millions of dollars for playing basketball can’t watch the Super Bowl in real time in the comfort of their mansions?  That’s not the America I grew up in. Sounds more like Greece or Italy or Spain.
    Totally shameful. Another way Obama has ruined this great country of ours.