LeBron has picture of Michael Jordan guarding him on his cell phone

LeBron James accepted his award as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year on Wednesday and made a pretty cool revelation. According to SI’s Richard Deitsch, James said that the wallpaper on his cell phone is a Photoshopped picture of him holding the ball while Michael Jordan (in his prime) guards him.

He explained the choice.

“Jordan was my superhero growing up,” James said, per Deitsch. “He was the guy I feel helped me get to where I am today. As a competitor, who would not want to go against the best? That’s like asking [Tom] Brady would he want to go against Montana in the fourth quarter.”

The Basketball Jones speculates that the image at the top of this post is the one LBJ has as his background. If so, I think it’s pretty cool. If MJ is LeBron’s source of motivation, that means he is aiming high. And by having the photo on his phone, it’s a daily reminder of what he’s trying to achieve in the game.

Another cool aspect of James winning SI’s Sportsman of the Year Award for 2012 is that it comes 10 years after he first appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the Chosen One. Here was the February 18 2002 cover:

A lot of people dislike LeBron James, but I am a fan. Not only do I love his game and unselfish style on the court, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he has accomplished. It could not have been easy for him to be in the national spotlight from the time he was 17 years old until now. He was billed as the “Chosen One” as a teenager and has lived up to and possibly exceeded his expectations. Congratulations to him on his accomplishments.

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  • hassan alqaraiti

    LeBron James realized  that he wasn’t good enough to win a title on his own and went to the Miami heat with 2 of his girlfriends. Then he had the nerve to say that he woke up one morning  and decided that he was going to take his talents to south beach. Everyone saw you partying with wade and bosh you already made a decision it didn’t just happen over night.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211356454 Alex Mejia

     Dude, get over it!  He gave more to Cleveland, the Cavaliers, the NBA and the average fan than you will ever . Sad how  the actions of a grown man affects you and all the other haters so. Look around the league, no one is winning a championship by themselves, and most importantly, no one has ever! Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic, Shaq etc all performed better with a solid supporting cast. But alas, i get the impression im talking to a closed door. Enjoy the hating; ill enjoy the game!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=587457797 Mike Pepper

    As a Mavs fan i hate lebron, but i have to admit this is a pretty cool picture.

  • Christopher Goodwin

    Yea Hassan,you really need to rethink what you posted,I mean,Bird had Mchale,Parrish and later Bill Walton.Magic had Kareem,James Worthy,Byron Scott and more,Micheal had Scottie Pippin and Denis Rodman,Kobe had Shaq then Pau and Lamar Odom.They all had supporting cast,why can’t Lebron?You must be the president of the haters club.Lebron is king of the NBA right now so get over it

  • http://www.facebook.com/keith.nolen Keith Nolen

    What I don’t understand is the hatred for a young man that did everything that he was supposed to do via his contract.  Once his contract was over, he had the right to do whatever he wanted to do.  The owner of the Cleveland franchise made LeBron a lot of promises.  He told him that he would get him a solid supporting cast, instead they went out and got Antwan Jamison.  Good player but Caron Butler was out there; a better defender and scorer than Jamison.  Massah just mad that LeBron is not making him anymore money.

  • http://twitter.com/TexXxas_Made Joe Kuykendall

    Michael did it with a host of role players, Lebron took the easy way out and got superstars. I like Lebron’s game, but he will never be as dominant. 

  • Peter Garcia

    I wouldn’t say he exceeded the expectations….but he still has time to get there.  Only time will tell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1094724606 Mike Corey

    Watch game film of his last playoff series as a cleveland cavalaier (against the boston celetics) and tell me if you think that Lebron James did everything he could for the cleveland cavaliers. I don’t see how anyone who knows the game of basketball can watch those games and not see how he quit on his team. Visions of South Beach dancing in his head…

  • akimofro

    The difference, MR. Goodwin, is that Bird, nor Magic, nor Jordan ever left their teams to join anybody else. McHale and Worthy were DRAFTED by their respective teams, Parish, Walton, Kareem, Scott, Pippen, Rodman, Pau and Odom were TRADED by theirs. Not one of them CHOSE to go join their superstar ‘friends’. Shaq is the only one who chose his team and he sure as hell wasn’t friends with Kobe…  

  • MistyMisty

    Playing basketball is a job like any other.  If you sign a contract for some set period of time, then that’s the extent of the commitment, it’s not a life-long obligation.  I doubt all you sour grapes posters have had only one employer for your entire life, and would stay in the same job until returement, regardless of any better opportunities that come along.  LeBron James does not owe it to anyone else to make them happy other than himself, just like everyone else on the planet, unless they are married in which case they need to take their spouse’s needs into account regarding a potential new job, but that’s it, not total strangers.