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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ex-lover/employee Maiko Maya King suing Donald Sterling

Maiko Maya King

Maiko Maya King, an ex-employee and lover/girlfriend of Donald Sterling, is suing her former boss claiming that he fired her after she rejected his racist and sexist taunts.

Despite being married with two children when she met Sterling in 2005, King supposedly was in a romantic relationship with the longtime Clippers owner from 2005-2011. Sterling supported her financially as she worked for his foundation. Two years after they broke up, she began working for Sterling as a personal assistant before she says she was fired.

King alleges that Sterling made multiple racist comments to her, which led her to end their relationship. Here’s a sampling of those alleged remarks:

– “How could you be married to a black man?”

– “Why would you bring black people into the world?”

– “I want to take you out of the black world and put you into the white world”; when they would fight he told her to “move back to the ghetto with a black man.”

– “Black people do not take care of their children. All they do is sit at home and smoke dope.”

– “Mexicans just do drive-by shootings.”

Even though King broke off their relationship in 2011, she kept in contact with Sterling and reached out to him after her father died in 2013. She says they met in person and Sterling offered her a job working in marketing for the Clippers. He later changed the job offer in Dec. 2013 and offered King a position as his personal caretaker/assistant. He told her she would be paid $10,000 a month, given a car and home, and receive a $100,000 bonus if she showed loyalty to him.

Of course, if an offer like that sounds like it has strings attached, this certainly did.

Despite the promise of all this money, King says Sterling only “dangled money” for sex and indicated he was bored of Stiviano. He tried to get King to arouse him sexually and bring in other people to help arouse him, too. He allegedly asked her to perform degrading sexual acts and began withholding her pay when she refused. We can only imagine what kind of “acts” he asked for.

King in the complaint says Sterling used to walk around naked with no regard. If that hasn’t grossed you out enough, get ready for this gem: Sterling supposedly offered her a $25,000 bonus if she could “get him off.” Sterling supposedly was too cheap to buy pills to help him perform sexually and told King he would get them from his doctor. And she thought this guy would actually pay her $25k to get him off? Guy won’t even pay for his zoom-zoom boom-boom pills!

I’m sure nothing could surprise you at this point, but there is more.

King alleges that Sterling would grab her butt and breasts in public.

Like Stiviano, King alleges that Sterling complained when she brought a black friend to a Clippers game.

Sterling fired King on May 7, 2014 after she protested his sexual and racist comments, she claims.

There really is such a strong history against Sterling, it’s hard not to believe everything that is alleged. But what did this woman think her job would entail if Donald was offering her that kind of money to be his assistant? There’s no way she was with him from ’05-’11 and didn’t know how he was. She’s just trying to smear him and get hers. And Sterling is seeing that if you do people wrong, it comes back to get you.

Here’s a video interview of Maiko Maya from 2011:

Here she is with Vinny Del Negro and Mark Cuban:

If you want to check out King’s Twitter account and charity go for it.

You can read the full lawsuit here.

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