Mutiny in San Antonio with the Spurs!

If you saw any of the Spurs/Nuggets game Tuesday night, you may have noticed that San Antonio’s Big Three were nowhere to be found on the court. Manu Ginobili did not dress because of a hip contusion sustained in the overtime win against Golden State. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker dressed for the game and were healthy but did not see any action. The reason according to Gregg Popovich:

“Parker makes the All-Star team and becomes hard to deal with, so we’re going to sit him and teach him a lesson. Duncan says he wants to renegotiate his contract, so I said, ‘Sit, I’m not talking to you.’”

Of course Pop was just joking around, knowing full well that his players need to refuel the tanks for their upcoming “Rodeo Road Trip.” The Spurs will now have four days off to prepare for a prime-time matchup on Sunday in Boston, not to mention back-to-backs in New Jersey and Toronto two days later. And with Chris Paul getting hurt for the Hornets Monday night, Pop knew exactly what he was doing. Plus, give the guy some credit — he seems to have developed quite the sense of humor this year.

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  • http://firekathysabine.blogspot.com Flip

    You’re kidding with the “his players need to refuel the tanks for their upcoming ‘Rodeo Road Trip'” nonsense, right? These guys don’t play again until Sunday. SUNDAY! Are you telling me that people who are paid outrageous amounts of money to do nothing but stay in shape and play a game for two hours a night can not do that on back-to-back days? It’s a disgrace. What about the hardworking people who shelled out good dough to go to that game and see a match-up of two of the West’s best teams? They’re getting robbed. And what about all the people that voted that game onto NBA TV’s fan night? Think they were satisfied to watch San Antonio’s B-team? This kind of thing (resting players) should not be allowed to happen when these assholes are being paid so much. I can’t believe you’re giving Popovich and the Spurs a pass on this.

  • Gene

    Popovich knows what he is doing. He is saving three aging veterans for the playoffs. He knew that the Hornets are without Paul for a little while, and his team would be playing the second game of a back to back situation on the road in high altitude against a good team.

    Shaq used to take half seasons off and nobody seemed to mind it as long as the Lakers won championships.