Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries ejected after fight (Video)

Rajon Rondo’s assist streak came to an end on Wednesday night in Boston after he was ejected for his role in a fight with Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries.

Rondo was upset with Humphries for fouling Kevin Garnett on a shot attempt, and the point guard began shoving Humphries. Jason Terry soon joined in, and the fight spilled into the stands.

Rondo and Humphries were both ejected. Gerald Wallace received a technical foul and ejection, while Kevin Garnett received a technical foul.

Rondo’s streak of 37 straight regular-season games of at least 10 assists in a game comes to an end thanks to the ejection. He ends up tied with John Stockton for second all time with that streak, nine games away from tying Magic Johnson for the record.

Rondo had 6 points and 3 assists in nearly 18 minutes at the time of his ejection.

This is just the latest episode for Rondo, who has a history of being a hot head.

In the screenshot below, you can see Rondo’s fist in Humphries’ face after he appeared to throw a punch:

The league decided to suspend Rondo two games for the fight.

Humphries must have been in a pretty decent mood after the game, because he cracked a joke on Twitter:

He also linked to this photo of the scratches on his body from the fight, which explains the tetanus shot crack:

Video via The Point Forward

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  • mike22122

    atta boy rondo

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HP77NJ5FVQ7LMOOUK5JQCJLUJ4 Mary

    these sports casrers must be blind , you can tell hump did not hit him in the face. it was a accident as he tried to get ball and hit his shoulder

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GIZPNN4S5PVZ5KX2JMGPYANAEE Michael Betts

    Not an intentional foul, for Christ’s sakes

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HP77NJ5FVQ7LMOOUK5JQCJLUJ4 Mary

    also notice not just one celtic, trys to get hump,  can they do nothing without backup?. if  rondo is so tough, as the sportscaster says, why all the back up?

  • Michael Fune

    no harm no foul on a pat to the shoulder, Garnett was already off balance on one leg, he was already falling down and flopped, even his face flopped to sell it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.l.freeman1 Robert L. Freeman Jr.

    You must feel like a sad puppy with his tail between his legs to promote violence. Now Rondo will be suspended and possibly get fined. I am a fan of the Boston Celtics and now the Captain is not showing good sportsmanship. SMH!!!

  • Alexis_Ferro

    Garnett is flopping, Rondo’s overreacting.



  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LHD3O6GIJZPZG6L5GB5OARODKY shawn

    If you look closely kriss hands is not going for that ball he went for the shoulders.  Thats a big foul play.

  • Michael Solgate

    they all make to much money to act like that kids in the street get foul way harder than that and still play ball. they need to grow up. big mike s

  • vern vern

    That was in no way an intentional foul! Garnett was in an awkward position in the air. He was fouled but not a hard foul. His fall, and added flopping made it appear as a hard foul. Rondo started the melee and should be suspended. Rondo and Garnett are very dirty players.

  • mrpelick

    Rhonda, er, Rondo is a PUNK

  • mike22122

    lolz bro i’m not a celtics fan, but i like rondo.  he’s sticking up for a team mate, although ill-advised, can’t hate on that.

    and doc rivers called you guys soft


    K.H u shouldve known better not in Boston!!! K.G wouldve don the same thing if it was R.R that got fouled..There’s SOMETHING 4 A REALITY SHOW!!1

  • Jessie Goad

    I don’t agree in any way him starting a fight over something that ignorant… That being said It shows he is a GREAT teammember, willing to stand up for his boys! And I’ve never disliked Humphries but he needs to just keep his mouth shut. All he’s doing is making everyhting worse 

  • neilthewheel

    he did an admirable thing sticking up for his team mate . humphries took a cheap shot. thats a lot of crap.