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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Spurs Have won 13 Straight, But Gregg Popovich Isn’t Happy

When a team wins 13 games in a row, even if you’re De La Salle high school football, you’re generally pretty elated about it. You’re obviously not going to be celebrating unless the 13th game won you a championship — but it’s still something to feel good about. That is, unless you’re Gregg Popovich.

The Spurs had just got done beating the Clippers 93-84 Tuesday night in San Antonio, and judging by his post-game interview, you would’ve thought he was Doc Rivers.

The Spurs’ execution, Popovich said, was poor.

Their focus? “Poor.”

Attention to detail? “Poor.”

“We blew an opportunity to progress and get better,” Popovich said, matter-of-factly. “That’s the goal, to get better every practice and every game, and we wasted that tonight … It doesn’t mean a damn thing. What means something is getting better.”

Luckily Timmy D’s with me, a W’s a W’s a W

“I don’t think we took a step backward … We might have taken one to the side a little bit, but it’s a win. We just move on to the next one.”

Now, which reporter’s going to be crazy enough to ask Popovich where he’s going if the Spurs win the NBA title?

Disneyland!! The film room!!

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