The Many Faces of Tom Brady

To the left is a photo of Tom Brady wearing a San Francisco Giants hat at a Boston Celtics game, the same night he supposedly stole Leonardo DiCaprio’s seat at The Garden.  Does that make any sense at all?  Not really.  Did it piss Boston fans off?  Kind of, but who cares about the Giants and they (we) understand Brady was born and raised there so I guess it’s nothing too serious.  If you want to root for a team who’s lone shining star the past decade is Captain Juice Head himself, then that’s fine with us.  I mean it’s not like it’s a Yankees hat or anything.  He’s not congratulating Kobe Bryant after a Game 3 victory over the Celtics, so what’s the big deal?  Nothing much to see here, so let’s move along.

To the right, is a photo of Tom Brady wearing a New York Yankees hat.  Now that, my friends, is a big problem.  Boston fans don’t care where you’re from or which one of their (our) team’s you play for.  If you’re a Yankees fan — keep it to yourself.  If you’re the star quarterback of a Patriots team that won three Super Bowls in four years and millions of people consider you to be a hero — definitely keep it to yourself.  Oh well.  We got over it.  If Brady wants to root for the Yankees, he can go ahead.  He doesn’t play for the Red Sox, he plays for the New England Patriots, so I guess we’ll get over it.  Still, it’s not like he’s joking around with and high-fiving Kobe Bryant at a Celtics NBA Finals game in Boston after a crushing Game 3 loss that causes Celtics fans to start wondering whether or not they still have a shot at a title.

Don’t worry, Tom Terrific has that one covered, too.  That’s exactly what he was doing on Tuesday night after the Lakers held on to beat the Celtics in Game 3 in Boston to take a 2-1 Finals lead.  Here’s the video of Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant playing grab-ass, courtesy of Bartsool Sports via WBZ-38:

Take it from one who knows, this one stings a little.  It’s one thing to be a Laker fan because you grew up following them and are from California, but right in the faces of Boston fans immediately following a loss on their own home court?  I’m starting to think Brady tries to piss Boston fans off on purpose.  Maybe he’s bitter about his contract situation and this is how he’s dealing with it.  At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brady show up to training camp wearing a Peyton Manning jersey.

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  • http://www.google.com Pat

    Boston is the only town where it is excepted to wear the hat of another city’s baseball team. As Red Sox fans we have established ourselves as true fans. At that we are allowed to wear hats of other cities. If you’re from Boston it is assumed and taken that you are a fan of all the major sports teams of the town, especially the Red Sox. I’m a Boston boy. I wear a nice Padres hat and other New Era hats repping the Marlins, and Pirates. Do I like them? Well sure I love baseball. Go to a prep school around the Boston area. Not every kid wears a sox hat. You’ll see a lid from every team. But guess what. Everybody knows that no matter what hat or city you’re repping via your lid…[Label] you’re a Red Sox Fan. Tom I love you, but you look like (for lack of a better term) a wussy. Cummon man you’re a star. Let’s see it on the field.

    And Larry – barstool had the grab-ass up a few days before ya. Quotes man. Love the site. But let’s keep the stories authentic.

    Green tonight. Do, or.

  • Steve DelVecchio

    Hey Pat, thanks for the feedback. As far as the timing of the story goes, I wasn’t going to post anything about it, but then I realized this was becoming a recurring thing. That’s why I wanted to draw peoples’ attention to this being something that happens quite often with him. Wasn’t trying to play it off as breaking news.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    He lost a lot of my respect going with that the new Beiber cut too.

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    Tom just doesn’t have it, whatever it is. 6’5″, laser arm, cut that meat…he’ll always be 2nd to a guy like that.

  • http://twitter.com/RealBenHaedt Benjamin Haedt

    This is the most absord article I’ve read since Nam’. How do know Tom didn’t just like the hats and that he isn’t just friends with Kobe and he was congratulating him on a good W? Come one  Steve, grow up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ron.jennings.583 Ron Jennings

    Or instead of a Payton Manning jersey, he could try an ELI Manning jersey!!!! Just sayin.