Video: LeBron James Game-Winning Shot to Beat Magic at Buzzer

So you were looking for a signature LeBron James moment? For him to win a game with an outside shot? Reason to believe the NBA isn’t as scripted as it seems? Look no further:

I’m still in shock. The timeout rules in the NBA are bullcrap because with one second left the Cavs shouldn’t have any business getting a good look like that, but they made the most of it. LeBron still had to execute. And man, did he make up for the poor shooting night of his teammates or what? That has to go down as one of the best shots the league has seen. I, along with probably everyone else watching, had already written of the Cavs in the game, and being down 0-2 in the series would have probably doomed them. Wow.

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  • Gene

    What a clutch shot that was. If it missed, the Cavs’ season was over, for all intents and purposes.

  • Ace

    i disagree with you on the timeout rules. They’re designed to create moments just like this one. I mean c’mon, how uneventful would it have been if ‘bron didn’t have that look at the end. And how many other buzzer beaters would have not happened.

  • SpinMax

    1. there should be a rule to how many timeouts you can use in the last minute.
    2. a timeout should not get you halfway up the court. that is garbage