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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Amir Khan Is Super Fast, Paul McCloskey Is an Idiot

Amir Khan beat Paul McCloskey Saturday in Manchester, England in a “controversial” finish. Khan was smothering McCloskey for six rounds when the two butted heads, opening a cut over McCloskey’s eye. The ringside doctor came into examine the eye and ended up stopping the fight after asking how Paul was doing. Khan said in his post-fight interview that he heard McCloskey say he didn’t want to continue. McCloskey bitched in his interview that the fight was stopped when he wanted to keep going. Believe whomever you want in the situation because it’s really irrelevant; the fight would have ended the same way with a one-sided beatdown.

Amir Khan was simply too fast for McCloskey. He threw punches rapidly, displayed excellent handspeed, and had quick feet. McCloskey meanwhile was showboating in the ring, holding his hands down as if he were Roy Jones Jr. in ’95. McCloskey was trying to entertain the crowd and show how slick and cool he was, but he only ended up with a reddened face from the beating he received. Honestly, I cannot believe how stupid this guy was and how poor his gameplan was. Check that, he didn’t have a gameplan. That just makes him even dumber. The fool literally stepped into the ring with a much better and faster opponent, and challenged him to give him his best shot.

I ask you this question: do hyenas run into the lions den to taunt the king of the jungle? Not if they value their life, just like McCloskey didn’t value his win-loss record. And as Amir Khan said after the fight, there’s world class and European class. Khan is world class, McCloskey is not.

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