Bernard Hopkins Beaten by ‘White Boy’

It really didn’t get much attention when Hopkins made his initial comment, and it certainly slipped by our pages here. But in case you missed it, light heavyweight boxer Bernard Hopkins said prior to his fight with super middleweight Joe Calzaghe from Wales, “I would never let a white boy beat me. I couldn’t go back to the projects if I let a white boy beat me.” Well fight night has come and gone, and low and behold, Bernard Hopkins finds himself on the losing end of a decision. Despite knocking Calzaghe down in the 1st round, Hopkins wound up losing on two judges’ cards (116-111 and 115-112) but winning on the third (114-113). As Dan Rafael already wrote, Hopkins must now eat his words. Thing is Bernard feels wronged by the decision:

“We have judges, we have officials. In the end, it’s the fans who know who won the fight.

“I just feel like I made him look amateurish.”

You knew the day had to come at some point for the Bionic Man. At a youthful 43, Hopkins is getting up there. Calzaghe landed the most punches The Executioner has ever taken in a fight, so the numbers indicate the Welshman dominated. I wonder what Bernard’s going to say about the “white boy” now. Meanwhile, Calzaghe is still undefeated, and the old and overrated Roy Jones Jr. could be next on the list. Yeah, good luck with that one, Roy.

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  • Damion

    I’m sorry, but if someone supposedly lands over 200 punches on me, and I have absolutely no visible damage, then that just goes to show you the quality of those Calzaghe “slaps” …. I mean “punches”.

  • SpinMax

    You know…I wouldn’t mind seeing Roy Jones Jr. laid out drooling again as he was with Glen Johnson

  • The Axeman

    and in reply BellHop did what ? cmon absolutely sucks that despite losing to a “white boy” he & you still have the audacity to complain. Imagine if Joe had said theres no way hes losing to a black man and then still beat him? The focus would be on the comment not the win. Bernard fell a little in my eyes as a fighter tonight but he slipped a whole lot further as a sportsman, by carrying on like a bitch after being beaten.

  • lee dexter

    joe is best in world he beat you in your own bark yard eat your hart hopkins.

  • Zackery Wilbourn

    This is why boxing is in the shape it’s in now biased judges and fans if someone hit you hard enough to knock you on your ass buckle your knees he’s winning the fight until you return the favor no matter how many punches the other guy land in order to win he must return the favor bernard likes loading up on his punches so of course he’s going to get out punched Joe seemed to like to throw alot of punches but they seemed weaker i believe myself Bernard won only on the fact that he floored Joe the point to boxing is to knock the other person down or some popularity or some other racist hate reason it seemed alot of people’s was offended by B-Hop’s remarks these are fighters still people’s so of course they going to say stuff to get under each under skin remember when B-Hop insulted Felix Trinadad with the rice?

  • Tommy Gunn

    Hopkins is a washed up criminal who evades fighting and lunges with most of his punches while Joe Calzaghe was the agressor the whole fight and deserved the decision. All Hopkins did was go in for another payday, I guess oscar isnt paying him enough to run his chicken de la hoya promotions, also the fans wont ever want to watch Hopkins again as he is not at all entertaining. The whole fight he ran and rushed in to hold on to Calzaghe, lets eliminate the old horses of the past and move on to the future white boys like Pavlik. To bad Hopkins eat your words ya nigga ya lost to the white boy!!!!

  • Gene

    Hopkins, the racist has to eat his words. How delightful. The compustats said that these were the most punches taken by Hopkins in the 21 fights he’s had with computer stats. Two judges gave the fight to Calzaghe by a wide margin and the third gave it to Hopkins by one point. Evidently, the third judge either saw a different fight from his side of the ring, or he was on something.

    Zackery Wilbourn, you don’t have a clue about the history of boxing or the scoring of a boxing match. Many punchers with little or no boxing skill, have gotten in a lucky punch on Joe Louis, Muhammed Ali, etc. Even if they do nothing the rest of the fight but manage to stay on their feet, you have them winning the fight. Nice!!! I guess no boxer like Roy Jones should even bother trying professional boxing.

    Hopkins now has to eat his words and the world should call him out for being a racist.

  • Ben

    Hopkins is indeed a racist. The White Boy took the high road and avoided the issue. I like dHopkins before this fight, but have lost all respect since.

    He was lucky to get a split decision. I guess he forgot to pay off two of the judges.

    I have never seen a top notch fighter fake a low blow or injury to buy time. What a baby! He didn’t want to fight. He wanted to hold, dance, and whine. Maybe he should be on Dancing with the Stars. I am sure that he would be the undisputed Champ on that show.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Man, Zachery … and I thought elementary school kids had bad run-on sentences. Yeesh.

  • http://www.maxsportz.com maxsportz

    BHop lost clearly. I don’t see him as a racist. The statement was racial but it happens all the time. And yes there is a double standard. But the reason there is a double standard is because groups are ready to protest when a white guy says something dumb (Imus). When a black guy says something similar in scope there is no group set up to boycott advertisers or the like so no waves are made. Most whites jut complain about a double standard. if they care so much they should get out the protest signs. I have s life (blogging & commenting on blogs :) ) so I just do not care.

  • james

    Homeboy moron got beat by a whiteboy. What a shocker. Guess he can’t go back to the “hood” anymore. And all of this on dumbasse’s home turf. And he’s still complaining about the loss like the ghetto punk that he is. Confirms that Black people are the most racist mofos on the planet. I would have loved to hear Calzaghe say that he would never lose to a “negro”. Then we would see the American double standard/self0imposed guilt trip in action.

  • Fast Eddie

    Well here we go again! The sport is called BOXING people! Not BRAWLING! And you win by amassing points and winning the most ROUNDS over the course of the entire fight. It really is a simple system, yet morons the world over seem to constantly forget how this system works! Nowhere in the sanctioning rules for these bouts does it state anything about, “whoever lands the HARDER punches”, or that you, “must control the tempo of the fight”. They call it the “sweet science” because it really is just that when these types of matchups are created.

    Mike Tyson chose to erase any scientific method whatsoever when he blazed his path to becoming the most prolific knock out artist to ever put boxing gloves on. But most fighters in history leave their destiny in the hands of the judges. If you don’t like the way it is setup, then its probably best if you undertake a different occupation, one where you have more control over your destiny. I for one still enjoy this great sport, regardless of the occasional bad decision. These guys judging the fights are human and far from perfect, and we all need to keep this in mind when witnessing their decisions.
    To sum it all up, it was a shitty almost unwatchable fight that ended up with the correct decision. Most of Hopkins fights are hard to watch these days anyhow and I think its time for him to hang up the gloves. Calzaghe is a hell of a boxer who just had the misfortune of fighting a man that is impossible to look impressive against. Now lets get Calzaghe and Pavlik together and everyone will be happy!

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  • D-Block

    Google the words Bernard “Soapy” Hopkins…..this will explain it all.