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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bernard Hopkins Stiffs Cancer Radiothon

ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas held its sixth annual 24 Hour Radiothon from Friday-Saturday. The Radiothon benefits cancer charity The Caring Place and it took place at The Palms Hotel. The event gained some notoriety Friday when longtime sportscaster Brent Musberger missed his scheduled time slot on the radio, leading people to fear something bad happened to him. FOXSports.com eventually got in touch with Musberger who said he thought the event was the following day. After missing his slot, Musberger did what he could to make up for it, saying he’d donate some of his time and money to the charity and the people who sponsored it.

Sadly Musberger was not the only big name who missed his slot.

According to radio host JT The Brick who hosted the 8pm hour of the Radiothon, boxer Bernard Hopkins and former UNLV star Larry Johnson missed their slots. Hopkins and Johnson were two of the biggest names scheduled to host (Musberger, Mike Tyson, and Jim Fassel were some of the others), so their absence was a major disappointment.

But it gets worse.

According to JT The Brick, Hopkins strolled in as his hour was ending and he made no effort to remedy his absence. JT says Hopkins refused to sign anything for the charity. Reporter Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal adds that Hopkins declined to take photographs for the charity. Got that?

Just so we’re clear on how B-Hop rolls, he agrees to host an hour for the Radiothon, misses his slot, and then refuses to make up for it. Guess we know the same B-Hop who’s a jerk towards Donovan McNabb is the real B-Hop and not an act.

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