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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Pwns David Lloyd in Interview, Gets Owned by Brian Kenny

It seems like wherever Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going and whatever he’s doing the guy is always putting on a show. The man who claims he’s back to “steal more money” because he can, because he’s “Money Mayweather,” is coming back to the ring from retirement to fight Juan Manuel Marquez on July 18th. He was doing an interview tour this week to promote the fight and wound up doing most of the interviewing. These two separate interviews are utterly classic. In the first one on ESPNews, Mayweather catches an unprepared David Lloyd with his pants down and exposes him as a guy who doesn’t know boxing but is just following what the rest of the world says. Make sure you watch at the 1:20 mark to see some serious embarrassment:

Dude, like who doesn’t know that Manny Pacquiao has lost three times?? That’s embarrassing. How could he even proceed after that? Now if you’re ready for a role-reversal, Brian Kenny owns Mayweather on SportsCenter in this interview:

Kenny was well-prepared, showed his knowledge, and peppered Floyd with excellent questions and arguments. Kenny brought his A-game and would have been awarded a TKO. Mayweather would have been deducted points for clenching and dirty tactics that prevented the progress of the fight. Also, not only did Floyd prove what a money-hungry nut he is, but he also showed that Bob Arum is the biggest obstacle from the public seeing a Pacquiao/Mayweather fight. Mayweather needs to drop that clapping habit too, that’s just tiresome. He also seems super hungry to regain the spotlight and his reputation as the best fighter in the world. This can only be good news for the sweet science.

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