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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Kristin Cavallari zings Kyle Long over Olivia Munn tweet

Things got a little hairy for Kyle Long on Twitter Wednesday after he was asked whether he found Kristin Cavallari or Olivia Munn to be more attractive. Long, who was on a flight and bored, hosted a Q&A for fans and was asked whether he preferred Jay Cutler’s spouse or Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend. He gave…Read More

Jackie Robinson West whistleblower Chris Janes arrested for assault

The man who dropped the dime that resulted in Jackie Robinson West vacating their US Little League World Series title was reportedly arrested for assault in a bizarre incident involving alcohol early Tuesday morning. According to Mark Konkol of, an intoxicated Chris Janes tried to enter a neighbor’s home at around 1 a.m. on…Read More

Prince was a good high school basketball player like Chappelle’s Show said

Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories weren’t lying: Prince really is a good basketball player. The legend of Prince’s basketball playing abilities was covered in a season 2 episode of “Chappelle’s Show” back in 2004, but it was hard to know whether the show was embellishing or telling the truth. Apparently we have an idea now…Read More

Robert Flores: Iggy Azalea is trying to kill hip-hop (Video)

ESPN’s Robert Flores may find himself at the center of Iggy Azalea’s next Twitter assault. On Monday morning, Flores took a pretty nasty shot at Azalea during a SportsCenter segment called “What Did We Learn?” The segment had to do with things that happened in the sports world during the month of February, and Flores…Read More

The Dress memes have arrived

Quite potentially the dumbest story in the history of the internet overtook social media Thursday and caused everyone with eyes to weigh in on what color the above dress is. The first 10 times I saw the photo, I saw a white and gold dress. I didn’t even understand what the debate was about. But…Read More

Llama drama chase gets funny memes, jokes

It’s not every day that you see some llamas (or was it alpacas?) on the loose in the middle of a city, blocking traffic and captivating television audiences. Of course, the Twitter world more than welcomed the chase around Sun City, Arizona, with open arms, jokes and memes. Below are some of our favorites: Winner….Read More

Mo Farah talks trash to fellow runner, says Taylor Swift probably faster

Great Britain’s Mo Farah is one of the best distance runners in the world. He has two Olympic gold medals, three World Championship gold medals, and five European Championship gold medals among the honors he’s received. That didn’t stop countryman Andy Vernon from taking a shot at him over the competition Farah would be facing…Read More

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