Warren Sapp server Corey D’Agata tells her side of tip story

Warren SappThe woman who served Warren Sapp and received no tip on a $69 bill Tuesday has shared her side of the story, and she thinks she did nothing wrong.

The server in question, Corey D’Agata, 26, told radio host Andy Slater of 940 WINZ in Miami what happened (15:30 mark) when she served Sapp at Upper Deck Ale and Sports Grille in Hallandale, Fla.

“We were busy. I walked over to his table. It was him and one other guy and I just said, ‘hey boys, what can I get you to drink?’ and he stopped me right there,” D’agata told Slater. “He said, ‘we’re not boys, I’m a man.’ So then I called him ‘sugar’ and ‘honey.’ ”

Corey then responded to Sapp’s claims that the service was the worst.

“His service was not horrible. My manager even came over and she put more ice in his bucket because it was very hot outside. So his service was not horrible. He never complained.”

Corey says she did not know the person she was serving was Sapp until some other customers who were waiting on the table pointed it out to her. When she ran the credit card, she saw that the name matched.

Corey also did not take the blame for the receipt going viral. Instead, she blamed her sister for posting the bill on Facebook. After it was shared on Facebook, it made its way onto Twitter and went viral from there. She sent her sister the receipt because she says she typically shares stories of her celebrity encounters at the sports bar with her sister, who lives in New Jersey.

Luckily for Corey, it sounds like her boss is supporting her.

The sports bar owner says Corey will not get fired and that he’s “never had a complaint” about her. He says it’s her first offense of the whole year.

Jimmy Kimmel catches people lying about Landon Donovan at World Cup (Video)

Landon Donovan Jimmy KimmelThe latest edition of “Lie Witness News” from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC shows people on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles being asked about Landon Donovan’s performance at the World Cup.

Of course, Donovan was notoriously cut by coach Jurgen Klinsmann before the World Cup and was not a member of the US team. The only thing he did in relation to the World Cup was serve as a commentator for ESPN.

Those being interviewed apparently missed that whole part, because they got him confused with Clint Dempsey, Luis Suarez, and who knows who else. Enjoy the great video.

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Robin Lopez takes picture with his twin brother

Robin Lopez Sideshow Bob

After years of everyone having fun at Robin Lopez’s expense, mocking him for looking like Sideshow Bob from “The Simpsons,” Lopez finally made the magic happen.

Lopez posted the above photo of him posing in front of a photo of Sideshow Bob, along with a great caption:

“Robert Terwilliger and yours truly #SideshowToSideshow #ILoveYouKelseyGrammer.”

How can you not love it? And how can you not love Lopez calling Sideshow Bob by his full name Robert Terwilliger?

Oh, and because we know how some of you are, yes, we fully realize that Robin has a real twin brother, Brook. But that is not of importance in this matter.

Photo: Instagram/Gustogummi88
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Dancing Miami Marlins fan returns, with less moves (Video)

The Miami Marlins realized that Giancarlo Stanton and his 500-foot home runs are not enough to draw crowds to the stadium, so they decided to turn to what’s undeniably baseball’s greatest attraction: dancing Marlins kid.

The same kid who captured the internet’s attention last week when his crazy dance moves went viral was at Tuesday’s home game against the Phillies. He was apparently with some guy named Dancing Tony:

Marlins Dancing Kid even got some time on camera with FOX Sports Florida:

I dunno, I kinda feel like Dancing Kid was shown up by Dancing Tony and his knee-switching move:

Marlins dancing kid

Dancing Tony BROUGHT IT.

‘I believe that we will win’ chant full history – it started in the Navy

The “I believe that we will win” chant has become synonymous with the US Soccer Men’s National Team throughout the team’s run at the 2014 World Cup. It’s played during commercials and promotional items for the team’s games, and fans have picked up on it as a way of showing support for the team.

But did you know that the chant originated with the Naval Academy?

ESPN ran a special on the history of the “I believe” chant and they say it all started in the Navy.

According to ESPN, “I Believe” was written by Navy pilot Jay Rodriguez in 1998. Rodriguez passed along the chant to Corey Strong, who was a cheerleader for the Naval Academy from 1999-2003. Strong says he first led fans in the chant during the fourth quarter of the 1999 Army-Navy football game, which Navy won 19-9.

Corey Strong Navy cheerleaders

The chant spread from the Naval Academy to high schools, colleges and the MLS, and it has now become the song associated with the men’s national soccer team.

If you haven’t heard enough of the song now, just wait until after this tournament ends; you’ll be hearing it everywhere in sports now that it’s received so much exposure.

Busta Rhymes showed up to the BET Awards looking like a Cheesecake Factory bag

Busta Rhymes Cheesecake Factory

If this doesn’t make you laugh, there is no hope for you. No hope.

That was Busta Rhymes at the BET Awards Sunday night. Whoever was first to say Busta looked like a Cheesecake Factory bag is a genius. This is dead on.

Woo hah! Busta got us all in check.

Alysia Montano runs at US Track Championships while 8 months pregnant


Alysia Montano is the defending national champion in the 800-meter women’s race. Unfortunately, the speedster came in last at the 2014 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships on Thursday. Although, she did have a pretty decent excuse.

Montano ran the 800-meter race on Thursday while eight months pregnant. With that in mind, you should probably be relieved to hear that she only finished with a time of 2:32.13. You can watch a video of the race here.

“I’ve been running throughout my entire pregnancy and I felt really, really good throughout the whole process,” Montano told reporters after the race. “I was like, ‘I think I can run a pretty decent time.’ I didn’t have a time on it, I just knew I didn’t want to get lapped.”

The five-time USA Outdoor champion said she consulted her doctor and was assured that running is perfectly safe for both her and the child.

“I found out that exercising or maintaining (your usual routine) during pregnancy is actually much better for the mom and for the baby,” Montano explained.

Well, alright then…

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