Report: Aaron Rodgers wanted Packers to protect him to avoid Brett Favre injury comparison

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers is growing image-conscious as he recovers from his broken collarbone injury, and he is trying to make sure the Green Bay Packers protect him, according to a report.

Rodgers on Sunday missed his seventh straight game since breaking his collarbone in Week 9 against the Chicago Bears. The Packers have avoided giving a timetable for Rodgers’ recovery. The questions about his status come each week, and each week he has not been medically cleared to play. But, last week, instead of saying that Rodgers wasn’t medically cleared to play, coach Mike McCarthy repeated during a press conference that it was an “organizational decision” to not have Rodgers play. That “organizational decision” line apparently came at Rodgers’ urging.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen shared the information on “Sunday NFL Countdown.” Here’s what he said via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

“A CT scan of Aaron Rodgers’ fractured left collarbone still showed extraordinary risk if he returned to the football field today, according to sources,” Mortensen said. “So why the emphasis on organizational decision by Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy on Friday to the point where McCarthy mentioned it eight or nine times by media count? That’s because Rodgers insisted vehemently on a message of organizational decision, sources said, with an emphasis that he is a tough guy. One source says the quarterback’s sensitivity that his injury absence would be compared to Brett Favre’s reputation for toughness was a driving force behind McCarthy’s message, which created a palpable tension between the coach and the quarterback. And sources say McCarthy clearly understood Dr. Patrick McKenzie’s unwillingness to give Rodgers medical clearance and there was no real organizational decision about it. It was medical.”

If this is true, I understand Rodgers’ concern about how he is perceived in terms of toughness. And why isn’t it enough for McCarthy to say Rodgers hasn’t been medically cleared? Because there have been plenty of players who come back early from injuries regardless of what doctors have told them. If Rodgers wanted the team to say it’s an organizational decision not to have him play, they should comply. Why? They need to do the right thing and protect their top player. Do they really want him coming back early and re-breaking the bone? Do they want to have a Rob Gronkowski forearm situation? Or do they want him to fully heal so he can continue being a great QB for them for the next decade? This shouldn’t be an issue, and nobody should question Rodgers’ toughness. This is an injury that needs time to heal and should not be rushed.

Dwyane Wade engaged to Gabrielle Union and gave her a massive ring

Dwyane wade Gabrielle Union ring

Dwyane Wade and girlfriend Gabrielle Union are officially engaged to be married.

Both Wade and Union shared the same photo on their Instagram accounts Saturday of Union wearing her new engagement ring, which is absolutely massive.

Here were the tweets from each of them:

The Miami Heat star and actress have been dating for several years, though Wade revealed during an interview with Jay Leno that went through a rough patch because of their busy lives and took a break earlier this year. They eventually got back together, and things must be going well because now they’re engaged.

This will be the second marriage for each. Union, 41, was married to Chris Howard from 2001-2006. Wade was married to Siohvaughn Funches, the mother of his two sons, from 2002-2007. Though he filed for divorce in 2007, the proceedings weren’t finalized until 2010. His divorce has been a mess since then, with Funches even taking to the streets and claiming she was homeless to protest the settlement terms.

Wade and Union have been dating since 2007. They quickly began receiving congratulations.

This came from Wade’s teammate Mario Chalmers:

From Chris Bosh:

From Chris Bosh’s wife:

Wade’s engagement to Union comes three months after LeBron James got married to his longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson.

Charles Barkley introduces the world to ‘Leroy Jetson’ the black Jetson (Video)

Oh. My. God.

“Inside the NBA” on TNT regularly puts out some of the best sports programming each week, but this impromptu segment where Charles Barkley introduced the world to “Leroy Jetson” might have been the best segment ever on the show.

Chuck was talking about how easy the NBA is these days and said on Thursday’s show that if he were in the NBA today, he’d be so revered that he’d arrive to games in a spaceship like one of the Jetsons. Fortunately for us, Barkley mistakenly said “Leroy” Jetson instead of son “Elroy,” before quickly correcting himself. His brief blunder resulted in a truly hilarious meme for the crew.

Shaq just totally ran with the whole “Leroy” Jetson thing. He called Leroy the black Jetson, said Leroy’s wife was “Juanita” and that Leroy Jetson has dubs on his whip.

The whole thing had me dying. I was just in tears watching the segment.

But was also awesome is how TNT played the theme song from the Jetsons during the segment and began speaking in that cadence. They also did their typical fantastic Photoshop job and created an image of how “Leroy” Jetson would look:

Leroy Jetson

Leroy Jetson, man. They should give him his own spinoff show.

This is just the latest example of why “Inside the NBA” is the best sports show on TV and often more entertaining than the actual games on the network.

Video via GIFD Sports

Kendrick Perkins told Joakim Noah ‘get your ass up outta’ Thunder locker room

Joakim NoahFollowing the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 107-95 win over the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night, Joakim Noah wandered his way into the home team’s locker room. Noah was visiting with former Bulls teammate Thabo Sefolosha, and Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins enough of a problem with it to voice his displeasure.

Sefolosha had apparently gone over to the visitors locker room to chat with his former team and Noah followed him back to the Thunder locker room. According to Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman, Perkins spotted Noah and the following exchange took place:

Perkins: They just let anybody in the locker room?
Noah: C,mon man.
Perkins: I’m just asking though.
Noah: C’mon man.
Perkins: Just let anybody in the locker room now?
Noah: You want me to wait outside?
Perkins: I’m just saying though.
Noah: If you want me to wait outside, I’ll wait outside.
Perkins: Get your ass up outta here.
Noah: Aight.

Team officials and security then quickly moved in to make sure there wasn’t an issue. Once outside the locker room, Noah and Perkins reportedly exchanged a few more words before heading their separate ways. Royce Young of DailyThunder.com added that most of the Thunder players sided with Perkins and seemed irritated that Sefolosha brought Noah into the locker room.

It is also worth noting that Perk already has some sort of existing issue with Noah. He doesn’t seem to like him. Just before the exchange took place, Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman was chatting with Perkins.

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Kobe Bryant expected to miss six weeks with a knee fracture

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant returned to the Los Angeles Lakers from a torn Achilles’ less than two weeks ago, and he is already going back on the shelf. On Thursday, the Lakers announced that Kobe is expected to miss six weeks with a fracture in his left knee.

It’s obviously a horrible break for Bryant, who spent months rehabbing from an extremely challenging injury. It was initially reported that Kobe “twisted” his knee during Tuesday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, but it was obviously much more serious than that.

After his first game back this season, Kobe was hard on himself and critical of the way he played. Now, he’ll have to spend more time rehabbing after he had turned his focus toward finding his stoke again and regaining confidence.

Fortunately, the injury doesn’t appear to have anything to do with knee ligaments and is not expected to require surgery. Either way, the 12-13 Lakers may not survive another six weeks without their best player.

Andrea Bargnani takes dumbest shot you will see (Video)

Andrea Bargnani took one of the dumbest, most inexplicable shots you could ever possibly see in an NBA game.

The New York Knicks were (shockingly) up by two points 94-92 on the Milwaukee Bucks with less than 20 seconds remaining in overtime Wednesday night. Carmelo Anthony missed a shot as the shot clock was winding down, but the Knicks got the offensive rebound which would have effectively sealed the game. Only one problem: after Tyson Chandler got the rebound and passed it out to Bargnani, the Italian jacked up a 3-pointer immediately as if his team were down by two.

Bargnani, of course, missed, and that gave the ball back to the Bucks. John Henson made a shot to tie the game and send it to double-overtime, where the Knicks eventually won 107-101.

The reaction on the Knicks bench was outstanding:

Knicks reaction

What was going through Bargnani’s head at that time? Was he just going on instinct and treating it like a shooting drill? Catch the ball and fire it back? Did he think his team was down?? Did he have money on the Bucks? Someone explain this one to me!

Oh, and if that’s not great enough, take a look at this shot chart of Bargnani that further shows how dumb of a shot choice it was:

Maybe he’s just trying to play himself out of the lineup. Knicks fan David is not impressed.

Video via GIFD Sports

SIU coach Barry Hinson goes on must-hear rant (Video)

Barry Hinson rantSouthern Illinois coach Barry Hinson went on a coaching rant for the ages following his team’s 73-65 loss to Murray State on Tuesday night. In the epic rant, Hinson compared his team to a bunch of puppies and said his wife could do better than his players.

The Salukis shot 38.5 percent from the field and had 13 turnovers in the loss, which drops them to 2-8.

“We’re soft. We’ve been enabled. I’ve got a bunch of mama’s boys right now,” Hinson said.

Hinson continued to unapologetically rip his team. Here were some of the other highlights (via Awful Announcing):

“Marcus was absolutely awful, that’s about as PG rated as I can say it. He was awful. Our guards are awful. Our three starting guards had 1 assist and 7 turnovers. They must think it’s a tax credit.”

“My wife, MY WIFE, can score more than 2 buckets on 11 shots because I know my wife will AT LEAST shot fake one time.”

“When you’ve got a young team it’s a lot like house training a puppy dog. When the dog does something wrong [smack] bad dog! I’m not gonna hit ‘em, I’m not gonna swat ‘em, but bad dog.”

H/T Awful Announcing