Andre Johnson: Is Houston still the place for me?

Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson is not getting any younger, and the 32-year-old wide receiver seems extremely unhappy with the direction of the Houston Texans. Earlier in the offseason, Johnson said he thought the Texans should trade the top overall pick in the draft. Instead, Houston took Jadeveon Clowney. Andre probably would have preferred a quarterback.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently the top quarterback on the Texans’ depth chart. Johnson is obviously angry about that, and he was open about his frustration while speaking to reporters at a charity event on Tuesday.

“Nobody’s been here as long as I have,” Johnson said, according to Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle. “You just kind of look at things; I’ve been thinking about things this offseason. And I just kind of wonder sometimes, ‘Is this still the place for me?’”

The Texans were 2-14 last season. They have traded Matt Schaub and will be getting accustomed to a new head coach in Bill O’Brien. At least one team goes from worst to first in the NFL each year, but it doesn’t sound like Johnson is optimistic that his team will be the one.

“I just look at my career,” he added. “I’ve only been to the playoffs twice. I think we’ve only had three winning seasons. I don’t think any player wants to experience that. I think over time it can become very frustrating. And this offseason has been very frustrating for me; beginning of the offseason, I should say. That’s just kind of where I’m at right now.”

Johnson was specifically asked if he will request a trade, and he said he doesn’t plan to do that. He also said he has no issue with his current contract. Despite that, he is not planning to attend voluntary OTAs or minicamp.

“I’m just taking some time, thinking about some things,” he said. “You know, when I make my decision I’ll make my decision and go from there.”

The offseason isn’t over yet, but Johnson wants a quarterback. Those are tougher to come by after the draft. While O’Brien may be confident in Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum and rookie Tom Savage, Johnson is not. If he’s already taking his frustrations public now, there’s a definite risk he could become a locker room issue this summer.

Patrick Peterson: I’m worth more than Richard Sherman

Patrick PetersonRichard Sherman believes he is the best cornerback in the NFL, and the Seattle Seahawks obviously agree. Sherman signed a four-year, $57 million extension with the Seahawks last week that includes $40 million guaranteed, making him the highest-paid corner in the league.

Cardinals DB Patrick Peterson thinks he is worth more than Sherman.

Peterson and the Arizona Cardinals are in the process of negotiating an extension to his rookie deal. When asked if he’s worth more than Sherman, Peterson had the following to say.

“We’ll see,” he said, via ESPN.com. “Got to ask the Cardinals. I mean, I think I am but at the end of the day both sides have to agree to terms and we’ll see what those terms are and hopefully sooner than later.”

Peterson is a versatile player who has excelled in the kick and punt return games and even played some wide receiver. He’s a two-time All Pro who has made the Pro Bowl in each of his first three NFL seasons. Still, he’s probably the only one who thinks the Cardinals might give him more money than Sherman got.

“I’m making OK money right now, but I’m just not making (Sherman’s) money right now,” Peterson added. “I think cornerbacks are definitely worth the dollars that they get because now this league is a passing league. You need that shutdown corner to lock down one side of the field, or like myself, go out there the entire field.”

Sherman has been criticized for being used on one side of the field instead of shadowing his opponents’ best receiver, which is what Peterson seemed to be alluding to.

Aqib Talib was considered the best free agent cornerback on the market this offseason, and he got $26 million guaranteed from the Denver Broncos. That’s $14 million less than the Seahawks gave Sherman. Peterson is likely to get closer to Talib money than Sherman money.

Donald Sterling could not have possibly come off worse in Anderson Cooper interview

Donald Sterling Anderson Cooper

If Donald Sterling’s goal in his interview with Anderson Cooper was to come off as an apologetic and sympathetic figure, I cannot imagine a way in which he could have screwed up more.

Sterling seemed more insincere and out-of-touch than one could have possibly envisioned. His ugly interior was completely exposed. He repeated the same lines over and over and harped on particular themes he wanted to, such as that he only made a “mistake” and that his remarks were stupid and educated, rather than a reflection of his true self. He clearly showed he had no concept or understanding of how others view him.


– Sterling said he did not think his fellow NBA owners would vote to kick him out
– Sterling said he felt his Clippers players still loved him (and, really, name me one player who loved him to begin with?)

And is anyone actually buying a word of this? How insincere can it get?

As if all of that weren’t bad enough, Sterling attacked Magic Johnson, who is a beloved figure in Los Angeles and sports in general, showing not only how dumb he is, but how little he understood about the proper way to make up for his wrongs.

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Donald Sterling: Magic Johnson is not a good example for the children of LA

Magic JohnsonDonald Sterling recently sat down for an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that will air on Monday night. The discussion features Sterling’s first public apology as well as a half-hearted apology to Magic Johnson.

“The only one I’ve talked to is Magic Johnson — twice,” Sterling told Cooper. “He knew the girl, he said. He knew the girl well. If I said anything wrong, I’m sorry. He’s a good person and he…”

At that point, Sterling looked like he was making a conscious effort to refrain from saying something that would get him into further trouble. He then made it clear that he is not Magic’s biggest fan.

“What am I gonna say?” Sterling asked. “Has he done everything he can do to help minorities? I don’t think so. But I’ll say it, you know, he’s great. I just don’t think he is a good example for the children of Los Angeles.”

Johnson and Sterling obviously don’t like each other. How much of that has to do with Sterling’s history of racism is unclear, but Sterling probably views Johnson as a threat on some level. Magic has admitted he is interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers, and we know the NBA would consider any proposal from him and his billionaire backers.

As for the stuff about Magic not being a good example for the children of LA, we’re not really sure what Sterling is referring to. Perhaps he will reveal more in the full interview.

Michael Sam gives boyfriend kiss after being drafted (Video)

Michael Sam kiss boyfriend

Michael Sam being drafted as the first openly gay player in the NFL was news in itself, but the former Missouri linebacker’s reaction to being drafted is historic as well.

ESPN recorded and decided to play Sam’s reaction to being drafted. The reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Year broke down and cried upon learning he was selected by the Rams 249th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft. He got some emotional support from his boyfriend who was at his side, and then the two shared multiple kisses on the lips.

Sam is obviously completely comfortable with his sexuality, and that is to be applauded. As for those disgusted by this moment, you should get over yourself. Are you offended when a player kisses his girlfriend after being drafted? Then this shouldn’t bother you, either.

That was very bold of Sam to act so affectionately on national TV, bold of ESPN to record it and just as bold of them to show it to their audience knowing it would offend some.

As a reminder, he’s not the first guy to give another guy a kiss on the lips after being drafted:

Michael Sam drafted by Rams with 249th pick

Michael Sam drafted

Michael Sam waited nearly three days to finally hear his name called in the NFL Draft, but the wait finally paid off.

With the 249th pick in the draft, the St. Louis Rams picked Sam, a local college player from Missouri.

Sam was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, but he was not rated highly as an NFL prospect. His already shaky draft stock dropped following a poor showing at the NFL Combine where he scored poorly on measurable stats. He performed better at his pro day, but his size, speed and shaky athleticism led many to consider him a weak prospect.

Sam is still a good pass rusher and has the heart, but don’t be surprised if he ends up not making the team. Still, just seeing Sam get drafted shows there was not complete discrimination against him because of his sexual orientation.

In related news, Sam’s reaction to being drafted was just as historic as the event of him being drafted. He had his boyfriend by his side during his draft party, and the two shared multiple kisses on national TV to celebrate the occasion. That is sure to offend many people, but it was very sweet and genuine.

Here is the tweet Sam sent after being selected:

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport also reports that if he didn’t go drafted, Sam likely would have decided between offers from the Bears, Ravens, Rams and Giants.

Madison Bumgarner has words for Yasiel Puig after home run, bat flip (Video)

Yasiel Puig Madison Bumgarner

San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner took exception to the way Yasiel Puig celebrated a home run on Friday night and let the Dodgers outfielder know about it.

Puig broke up Bumgarner’s shutout with a solo shot in the sixth. He did a little bat flip after hitting the homer, put his head down, and then began his trot around the bases. As he rounded third and made his way home, Bumgarner approached him to say something. Puig put his hands out and yelled back, and homeplate umpire Will Little broke it up.

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Shortly thereafter, Don Mattingly was ejected for arguing balls and strikes.

We obviously don’t know what MadBum said to Puig, but I don’t think Puig did anything too disrespectful or out of the ordinary. I mean that bat flip was tame by his standards. That one was more of a MadBum issue than a Puig issue. Pitchers can get sensitive after someone takes them deep.