Diego Costa mooned by fan during penalty kick (Video)


Soccer fans really do know all the tricks. They may take it too far at times, but they get results. On Sunday, Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa blew a great opportunity when he telegraphed his penalty kick and the keeper made the save. Did Costa miss because of the full moon?

As you can see, a fan pulled his pants down and mooned Costa as he lined up for the kick. Atletico Madrid went on to win 2-0, but you have to wonder if the ass of a full-grown man was enough to distract Costa at that particular moment. If it was, that Getafe fan should give himself a pat on the back.

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Brazil manager bans players from having ‘acrobatic sex’ during World Cup

No-sexWe have great news for the members of the Brazilian national soccer team. Your coach has been kind enough to allow you to have sex during the World Cup this summer. What he won’t tolerate, however, is players who think they’re going to bust out the Kama Sutra and start getting weird. We’ll let Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari elaborate.

Earlier this week, a reporter asked Scolari if he has barred his players from having sex. He said they are free to have sex as long as they don’t get too freaky.

“The players can have normal sex during the World Cup,” he said, as translated by Fox Soccer. “Usually normal sex is done in a balanced way, but there are certain forms, certain ways and others who do acrobatics. And that, no.

“We will put limits and survey players.”

In other words, anything involving the high-mount is completely out of the question. How are they going to monitor this? Assuming they can’t put video cameras in the players’ bedrooms, are they going to have them draw diagrams? Come Monday every player must submit a sketch that shows the exact position he was in while making love to his significant other? I guess that would be the best method.

This is not the first time we have seen a team ban sex to avoid injuries, but I can’t ever remember a coach setting rules for sexual positions. That’s a new one.

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Soccer player saves opponent’s life after he gets knocked unconscious (Video)

A Ukrainian soccer game nearly ended in tragedy on Sunday when a player was knocked unconscious by a flying knee. Fortunately, an opponent helped save his life on the field.

Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk goalkeeper Denis Boyko jumped up to catch a ball in the 25th minute and collided with Dynamo Kiev captain Oleg Gusev. Boyko’s knee hit Gusev directly in the head in one of the nastiest collisions you will ever see. Gusev was immediately knocked unconscious and fell to the ground.


In addition to being knocked out, Gusev also swallowed his tongue. Realizing what had happened, Dnipro midfielder Jaba Kankava immediately rushed over, rolled Gusev onto his back and reached into his mouth to free his airway.

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Cristiano Ronaldo got punked by a ball boy (GIF)

Cristiano-Ronaldo-ball-boyCristiano Ronaldo has millions of fans around the world, but there could be even more people who hate him. One of the ball boys who was working the sideline during Real Madrid’s draw against Atletico Madrid over the weekend must fall under the latter umbrella.

The ball went out of bounds with Real trailing 2-1 in the 71st minute, and Ronaldo was looking to retrieve another one for a quick throw-in. Rather than tossing him a new ball, the ball boy stood there and held the ball out in front of himself as if to tell Ronaldo to come and get it. This angered Cristiano, who threw his hands up in the air and yelled something.

When Ronaldo went over the grab the ball, the ball boy threw it by him and stared him down.

Ronaldo later scored the equalizer to tie the game at 2-2, but the ball boy got a great story to tell his friends. He pissed the best soccer player in the world off in the middle of a match. It may have cost him his job, but it was probably worth it.

GIF via USA Today

USA soccer player Michael Bradley wears Canada hockey jersey after losing bet

michael-bradleyAfter spending time in Italy with Serie A side AS Roma, Michael Bradley is now playing a little closer to home. The New Jersey native joined Toronto FC of Major League Soccer last month, ending his time Europe that also saw Bradley suit up for clubs in England and Germany.

A Canadian team may write Bradley’s paychecks now but when hockey teams from the United States and Canada met last week in the Olympics it was Team USA the 26-year-old sided with. Unfortunately for Bradley, Canada was victorious in the semifinal matchup. That meant he would have to pay up on a bet placed with Toronto FC assistant coach Jim Brennan.

Atleast Bradley was a good sport and smiled for the photo.

Michael Bradley and Jim Brennan weren’t the only ones with something at stake. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper put cases of beer on the line.

Cristiano Ronaldo jukes Joel Matip, scores amazing goal (Video)

Cristiano-Ronaldo-goalReal Madrid put a beating on Schalke in Germany on Wednesday, and no one will be surprised to hear that Cristiano Ronaldo was the star of the show. Ronaldo scored two goals and assisted on two more during the blowout. His first goal, which gave Real Madrid a 4-0 lead just over 51 minutes into the game, included some of the best footwork you’ll ever see.

Schalke defender Joel Matip was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Ronaldo undressed him before netting a beautiful shot with his left foot. His second goal was more of a footrace.

No wonder that guy was so desperate to get a huge from Ronaldo during a game last summer. Dude makes magic.

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Arsenal goalie Wojciech Szczesny responds to red card with wanking motion (GIF)

Wojciech Szczesny wankingArsenal goalie Wojciech Szczesny was forced to leave Wednesday’s Champions League game against Bayern Munich after receiving a red card. The game was scoreless when Szczesny tripped Arjen Robben to avoid allowing a goal, and he received a red card for his actions.

How did Szczesny respond? With a classic wanking motion:

For all we know, the wanking could have been a response to something being yelled by fans, but it’s funny nonetheless.

We’ve also been big fans of Szczesny ever since he was busted trying to cheat on his girlfriend with this nude model.

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