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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Was Bob Knight caught sleeping on the GameDay set? (Video)

Bob Knight is 71 years old. By most people’s definition, that is old. And we all know old people also need their sleep. So, by this conjecture, Bob Knight needs to sleep. But was he catching up on some Z’s when John Anderson and Len Elmore kicked it to Knight and the rest of the College GameDay guys during ESPN’s coverage of the Final Four on Saturday? It’s hard to tell. (Although, this wouldn’t have been the first time Knight was purportedly caught sleeping on camera.)

There’s also the possibility Knight had one too many Hurricanes from Pat O’Brien’s the night before and had an insufferable hangover. Or perhaps he was just praying “that team from the SEC” wouldn’t win.

Whatever the case, Digger Phelps was there to jab Knight with his highlighter to remind him the camera was rolling. I always knew that highlighter would serve a purpose one day.

H/T R.L. Bynum via Awful Announcing

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