Clemson Asks Recruit Mike Bellamy to Remove Money Pictures from Facebook

Mike Bellamy is one of the top rated running backs from the state of Florida, and the soon-to-be senior has committed to play football at Clemson. When you’re as good at football at a young age like he is, you’re probably going to be a bit cocky. I don’t know Mike Bellamy so I can’t comment on his personality, but we do know that Clemson is upset with him for putting these pictures on his Facebook profile:

Travis Sawchik at The Post and Courier reports “A source at Clemson said the photo, which circulated the Internet Wednesday, was meant to be “a joke.” The coaching staff asked Bellamy to remove the photo from his Facebook page. Bellamy’s high school coach, Binky Waldrop, said he has not seen the photo but planned to speak with Bellamy later today.”

Like I said, without knowing anything more about the picture, I can’t really say anything. Would it be easy to rip the kid and say he should know better? Of course. But he is a young guy and maybe he was just posting a joke for his friends. Maybe we’re the idiots for making a big deal of it. Who knows? As long as he learns from the incident, you can’t get upset with him.

Thanks to Bryan D. Fischer for the link and Sports Grid for directing our attention to the pictures

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  • Anonymous

    Black people love showing off money they will soon default on. Foreshadowing at its finest.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to know where the kid got the cash to take the pic with??

  • Anonymous

    I just want to know where the kid got the cash to take the pic with??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CA4FTXPFEFLUA3DCY4YRYTVZKE James

    No problem.  When he comes on board just bench him.  Or of course if he really gets paid just deny it.  Otherwise it sends the wrong message to aspiring high school players who seem to not know any better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1563139858 William Turner

    Everyone knows that was a payment from clemson, They lied and said his Gramma gave him the money to take a pic with after school. But in one of the original photos you can see the clock behind him and it read 10am. When will they investigate clemson?