Finally Ohio State Loses Sparing Us All

I don’t think I’ve been less enthusiastic about a team recently than Ohio State. Ever since getting run off the field by a one-loss Florida squad in the title game last year, I’ve thought very little of them. Once that happened, nothing accomplished in the Big Ten could impress me. Think about it; Ohio State ran through everybody in the conference only to get squashed in a game for which they had weeks of preparation. That’s why I had just been waiting every single week for them to finally get knocked off. Who really wanted to see them get embarrassed yet again in a title game? Certainly not me — I’ve already seen that show and it sucked.

Ohio State lost at home to Illinois. Illinois is not a very good football team. The Buckeyes couldn’t stop a running quarterback, letting the Illini run over eight minutes off the clock with their final fourth quarter drive. If they couldn’t stop Juice Williams who isn’t even a threat to pass the ball, what would they have done against a Dennis Dixon or Matt Flynn/Ryan Perrilloux combination? Suffice it to say that an Oregon team which whooped up on Michigan in the Big House would’ve done the same to Ohio State.

Now the door has finally opened up for an Oregon/LSU match up which I think would be the most fulfilling in the entire country. Will those teams hold up their ends of the bargain? I don’t know, but I sure hope so. I’m just glad we’ve all been spared from having to watch Ohio State get run in a title game for the second year in a row.


SpinMax emails in to say that Ohio State could have been jobbed by some disgruntled officials in the game. Apparently there are some Big Ten officials from the Penn St/Purdue game facing suspension for poor calls two weekends ago. Turns out this is the same crew (warning: link is a PDF file) that also worked the Ohio State game, and Spin thinks revenge against the conference could have been on their mind.

(AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

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  • SpinMax

    I’m not here to cry about losing. We played terrible. But you all saw that Illinois fumble that instant replay ignored. It gave them 7 points they never should have had which of course was the difference in the game.

    OSU should have overcome any bad calls, but you can see the above story that there may have been more to it than just random bad calls. Some of these referees have already found out that they were going to be fired, yet still allowed to call a big game like this? In any job, when this happens, the employer is gonna regret it.

  • http://hbcusportsblog.com HBCUSportsBlog

    They can’t be worse than MEAC officials.

    And that’s for damn sure.

  • http://maxsportz.com shane in Georgia

    Love THE Ohio St losing. Even if they were a true #1 all that time they have off b4 the BCS Title game hurts them badly

  • Jeff

    Waa waa waa….yeah, blame the officials you lost to a unranked team in your own house. Especially after starting the game so strong on that 2 play touchdown drive in like 20 seconds, which should have taken all the wind out of the Illinois sails. You can’t blame one call on the entire loss. I agree with Larry. Who wants to see Ohio State get creamed in the title game against LSU. Good thing they lost early enough so we can see the Oregon/LSU matchup. You gotta love the Ducks, and those awesome uniforms.

    West Coast Baby!!!