Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State player furious over pass interference call

Nebraska beat Michigan State 28-24 on Saturday after getting a break on a pass interference call that had the Spartans players fuming after the game.

Michigan State was up 24-21 in the final minute and had the Cornhuskers in a 3rd-and-10 situation at the 20. That’s when the Spartans were flagged for a b.s. pass interference call that had our buddy World of Isaac (who provided the GIF below) up in arms:

Thanks to the b.s. penalty, Nebraska had a first-and-goal situation from the five. They scored two plays later to win 28-24.

Naturally, Michigan State players were fuming on Twitter over the call. Le’Veon Bell, who had 188 yards and two touchdowns, took the refs to task. He sent the tweets below that have since been deleted.

ShoutOut to the refs…y’all won the game tonight! Touhhest team we played all year”

I expected all the hate, but idc…we legitimately lost ONE game this year…and that was Notre Dame! The black & white team beat us 4 times”

Backup running back Nick Hill expressed similar thoughts before later deleting his tweets.

“Very questionable calls out there tonight #smh” and “It was a great play by @DDenard_31, bad call”

Defensive lineman Denzil Drone also went off “Thanks to the big ten referees y’all won the game once again for the opponent of MSU!!!! Y’all some bums for this one!!!”

MLive.com notes that former NFL VP of Officiating Mike Pereira thought the PI was “not a good call.” Though Huskers fans won’t apologize for it, I’m guessing not even they could say it was a good call. It clearly wasn’t, and it cost Michigan State. Awful, awful call by the refs.

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  • Paul_in_WI

    I guess that he shouldn’t have reached out and touched his arm before the ball got there, and he wouldnt have gotten flagged. You seem to conveniently forget about all of the absolute BS calls that were called against Nebraska that directly resulted in Spartan points. Nebraska beat MSU on the road and in spite of the refs. Between what refs did to NU this week and last week when they played Michigan, to the casual observer, it almost Is starting to look like it has been ordained that the new guys are not supposed to win the Big Ten in their second year.

    MSU players and their fans can whine all they want, but they were lucky to even be in the game at all. It wouldn’t have even been this close if it weren’t for the refs keeping them in it and Nebraska shooting their own toes. Better luck next year in Lincoln.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QLOALMZ22DFOGDRVUIQ4V4M3JI Victor

    The Spartans also got a TD thanks to a BS penalty on third down. Funny how everyone’s forgotten that. Not a stellar day for that officiating crew.

  • SpinMax

    I watched the game and failed to see any incorrect calls. It’s easy to armchair from home