Penn State emails written in code to avoid detection, use of Jerry Sandusky’s name

The emails exchanged by Penn State administrators that were uncovered by CNN have made it painfully obvious that President Graham Spanier, Vice President Gary Schultz, and athletic director Tim Curley were consciously covering up Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse.

We’ve already summarized what was discussed in the alleged emails between the administrators: they considered contacting The Second Mile charity and authorities about the shower incident but ultimately decided not to (in Curley’s case, the decision was made after consulting with Joe Paterno).

One aspect of the emails that needs to be emphasized is that the men never referred to Jerry Sandusky by name. Instead, they used code words and called him “the subject” or “the person.”

Their refusal to call him by name indicates they knew they were engaging in wrongdoing. They probably used the code words so it would be more difficult to trace the cover-up. As Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports pointed out over the weekend, those email exchanges would not come up if a media outlet or person requested all Penn State communication/emails that included “Sandusky.”

I’m not sure what defense they could have at this point, but just using code names to avoid mentioning Sandusky is a strong indication they knew exactly what they were doing.

Just like we suspected, Penn State covered up Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse in order to protect the reputation of the school and football program. I also believe that Joe Paterno and some of the others were covering up Sandusky’s pedophilia since 1998. There is becoming less and less doubt that these men prioritized football, money, and their reputations over the welfare of children, which is utterly despicable.

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  • Anonymous

    Some pitiful code if that was meant to be “code.”

    C’mon if it was meant to be anything other than snoop-proof (don’t look over my shoulder!)  it wouldn’t have been in an email to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    And people continue to prove the point that Football, JoePa
    & “Legacy” (spelled m.o.n.e.y.) were more important to Penn than
    exposing child rapists and stopping the attacks on children.

  • http://twitter.com/waraksas Stan Waraksa

    You can believe whatever, but if you were as smart at you perceive you’d wait until the reports come out and you really wouldn’t have to guess anymore. BUT then again, it might not be news. Now, if the reports show little or nothing, I expect you to get on your high horse and tell us how stupid you were and apologize to the world. Between you and Engle, it’s really apparent the Paterno bashers are coming out again. Must be a slow news day? Say what you want and hide behind freedom of the press. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/connie.mckee.372 Connie McKee

    Many years went by after the first reported incident and nothing happened they all continued letting this Man free of Consequence and continued access to young people to abuse. I am sad for the abused not for the enablers and the criminal.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CQIK63RQWRRE6P6BZ7KAONYMPU stuart

    “think Joe was involved too”….you dope.   you are not any sort of journalist to give these stupid opinions out.   You have no clue and just trying to get readers who when they get to your article are sadly disappointed…

  • http://twitter.com/waraksas Stan Waraksa

    Connie,  Prior to his sentencing,  Sandusky is undergoing rigorous psyciatric testing. It may come out that if it wasn’t the Second Mile & PSU—-it would have been someone, somewhere else. Sandusky concealed a lot from everyone including his wife? Remember, the Centre County DA looked at the 1998 incident and chose not to prosecute. McQueary saw it in 2001 and went home to his father. One might assume that inaction allowed this to continue, but then again how much did everybody really know. This thing didn’t blow open until the Grand Jury convened and gave it a go. This thing could involve many more than we know or not as many as we think?