Penn State Players Reportedly Fight After Practice, QB Matt McGloin Knocked Out

As if Penn State didn’t already have enough issues between the Jerry Sandusky scandal and the search for a new coach, we now have this. Reports say quarterback Matt McGloin was knocked out by wide receiver Curtis Drake when the two fought after practice Saturday.

Penn State Rivals reporter Nate Bauer recapped what he was told.

“Drake/McGloin jawing in practice, Drake initiates making amends in locker room, McGloin takes exception…McGloin punch/shove (unclear), Drake takes him to floor, pop to the chin, McGloin ‘lights out.'”

Ron Musselman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says police were called after the fight. Kicker Anthony Fera reportedly confirmed that a fight took place. The players also held a meeting after practice, but McGloin reportedly was not part of it. The Patriot-News says he was taken to a hospital to be checked for a possible seizure.

The Nittany Lions are preparing for their January 2nd bowl game against Houston.

See Nits, we told you to turn down the bowl invitation. This is just karma.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/carolcougrgran Carol L Siple

    Why can’t you guys leave these players alone.  Things like this happen and it has nothing to do with karma.  It’s lack of self-control which occurs in this age group and with athletes because of they are so competitive.

  • Matthew Sekol

    Karma? I wasn’t aware that Sandusky was still coaching at Penn State. Interesting. Oh, maybe the current players were there during that same time, knew about this and allowed it to continue? Hm…that’s not it.
    The players deserve a chance to not have their lives ruined by something that happened long before they were even recruited. Penn State is going to donate $1.5 million of bowl money to charity. Instead, they got passed up for the bowl they should’ve been in due to a lack of courage and the perception of controversy, mostly due to irresponsible postings such as this. 
    Do you even know what karma is? I suggest you go look it up. If you were an educated man, you would realize that karma’s basis is cause and effect on an individual, resulting from our free will choices. What we’re seeing now on sites like Deadspin and ESPN is a flip on karma. The cause is Jerry Sandusky’s alleged abuse. He alone should be held responsible for what he’s done. Due to the 24 hour news cycle and the need to fill it with anyone’s blabberings, the effect is a wide net of blame on an entire University instead of the one man responsible for his own actions – Jerry Sandusky.
    Maybe Penn State should take the bowl money they are getting and buy you a clue or perhaps give you a free course in Religious Studies. After reading this article, and your last one regarding the bowl invitation, let’s hope that karma is real and that by posting ignorant articles such as this, you will reap what you sow.