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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ryan Mallett’s Transfer Indicates Upcoming Shift in Big Ten

We all know how coaching changes can effect the school the coach leaves behind. In Rich Rodriguez’s case, he was sued by his former employer. On top of that, the coach leaves behind several players he recruited, as well as an athletic department charged with the job of hiring a replacement. While that coach jumps to anticipated greener pastures, not much thought though is given to the people at the new school who might have trouble adjusting. One such player is Michigan QB Ryan Mallett, who’s transferring because he already knows he won’t fit in with Rich Rodriguez’s spread offense:

“I just felt forced out, not by any person, but by the system,” Mallett said late Wednesday night. “I just don’t think me and his system … it just doesn’t fit.”

Simply watching West Virginia play was enough to direct Mallett.

“Looking at their game film, you can see what they’re trying to do with (running quarterback) Pat White,” Mallett said. “I didn’t think I could do that the same way.”

It’s interesting that Mallett acted first, not even giving Rodriguez a chance. He already knows what many are soon to find out — Rich Rodriguez will open up the Big Ten to the spread (that Purdue has been running for quite some time), and introduce more speed to the conference. Mallett’s departure from Michigan serves to me as a milestone event saying that the landscape of the Big Ten is now about to change. Welcome to the 21st century boys.

(oh yeah, and Mallett’s supposedly talking to Neuheisel about transferring to UCLA, high five!)

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