SEC Officials Miss Call on LSU Interception by Patrick Peterson

Several SEC games have been marred by poor calls from the officials. To me, the worst case was in the Florida/Arkansas game, where the conference admitted they screwed up the calls that went against the Hogs to help the Gators. The storyline that has been prevalent throughout the season continues to take center stage as it did on Saturday in the LSU/Bama game. With Alabama up 21-15 in the 4th quarter, Greg McElroy threw a pass that appeared to have been picked off by Patrick Peterson on the sidelines. The referees reviewed the play but decided he was out of bounds. Here’s a replay of the Patrick Peterson interception video that was screwed up by the refs:

Andy Staples at SI took a picture on the sidelines which shows Peterson got his foot (both actually) in on the play. The argument I will buy is that Peterson didn’t have possession of the football until he was out of bounds. Thing is, when you slow it down on replay you can see he had control and got his feet in. Missing it live is completely understandable. How they missed it after reviewing the play leaves me scratching my head.

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  • JRR

    slowing it down helps/ he was out of bounds corndawgs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aggie9597

    Possession is 9/10 of the call. He didn’t have it before tiptoeing out of bounds.

    Why not dwell on the ‘Bama ‘no-catch’ early in the game that was even more obvious and could not be reviewed because of defective equipment? An interception would not have guaranteed an LSU win so stop the bellyaching and fingerpointing. Replay has done little more than open the door for Monday morning quarterbacks to lay blame on everyone but the coach and the players for blowing the big games.

  • jct

    It’s unfortunate that people can’t look at a call and see it for what it is. Their own bias has to weigh in. Clearly, the ball was caught. There was no ball bobbling. Both hands secure and feet in bounds. Video proof people!!

    I can understand how fans (i.e. unpaid observers with their own favs) could say that he was out of bounds. But when the highly paid refs and replay officials from the SEC continue to blow calls, it’s unbelievable.

    Even if the SEC provides us with a national champion this year, it will be a tainted champion. It’s unfair to the student athletes who work so hard. It’s unfair to a national audience who look to sports for an outlet. It’s unfair to the color men calling the game who now have to bite their tongues because they don’t want to offend a conference who continues to harbour these crappy officials.

    It’s shameful.

  • dave

    Why did CBS stop showing the shot from the rear of the play that clearly showed him in bounds? Coupled with the replays they kept showing that showed he had possession of the ball how could this call have been made?

    Some have pointed to the LSU Georgia game as if to say, well LSU had some help too from the officials….apples and oranges to some extent. So ponder this:

    We have the same sort of situation with LSU Alabama, only there was no “make up” call against Alabama and LSU did have a chance to come back as did Georgia, but failed to do so. Clearly Alabama was a better team that night and the result may have been the same if the interception stood, but we will never know. What is clear however is that humans are not perfect and in such cases there should be a very scrutinizing review by the NCAA. The business of college football and the peripheral institutions (TV, Las Vegas) have a lot to gain by having the “right” teams in the big TV/Gambling games. Alabama/Fla. for SEC championship is a far bigger draw than LSU/Fla. who already played this year. No. 3 Versus No. 1 is a bigger game from all points of view than a No. 9/8/? ranked LSU versus No.1 Fla. if LSU had won. Do not discount the influence of big business/money in SEC or any other NCAA conference with the huge TV and gambling spinoffs. Wake up and smell the crispy dollar bills. Next year it may work in favor of LSU. Either way, I don’t like it. Let the players and coaches decide the outcome of the game with unbiased officiating. I got tired of watching the NBA because of similar stuff and to some extent the NFL. I guess the next thing you will see will be Southern Cal claiming the National Title with the help of some biased pollsters. Just sayin’!

  • Gene

    It is clear that the SEC wants a team in the national championship game. They do not want to be like the Pac 10, which is well balanced and every team has lost twice this season. Therefore they have protected Florida and Alabama, the two undefeated division leaders. The powers that be want those two teams to have perfect records when they meet in the SEC championship game, even if it requires a little help from the guys in stripes.
    It is not a coincidence that the obvious errors are made in their favor. Lots of money and prestige are at stake.

  • george

    I was in the stadium with my 7yr old son… watching it from up where the blimps were, and you could see the divot with binoculars… about a foot inside.

    What nobody is talking about is the obvious. This is not about a Gators Bama SEC conspiracy. I think the teams are victims of officials GAMBLING!

    This will probably result in the SEC losing its supremacy. When players the caliber of Petersen stat looking to other schools. Other conferences will start selling them on the idea that their ‘future great plays’ will get robbed by a conspiring league, gambling officials, or plain and simply officials who already lost their driver licenses for poor vision.

    As for who dominated the game… it was pretty even until the 4th. And total yards for both teams would have been much closer had LSU marched the ball 70 yds the other way had it been given its earned chance after Peterson’s INT. It’s much easier to do when you only need one score and have plenty of time on the clock. They did it at Georgia even after they were hunkered down in a defensive strugle.

  • Palpatine

    “Article 3. Ball Out of Bounds Reply
    “Ball Out of Bounds
    ARTICLE 3. a. A ball not in player possession, other than a kick that scores a field goal, is out of bounds when it touches the ground, a player, a game official or anything else that is on or outside a boundary line.”

    Julio is clearly out of bounds when he touches the ball simultaneously with Peterson. Even before Peterson could tuck the ball, the ball was dead. Julio makes contact with the back 1/3 of the ball with his left hand before Peterson even tucks the ball, therefore the pass is incomplete. Doesn’t matter where Peterson’s feet landed.

  • Tim

    What is becoming abundantly clear is that in the BCS era and the big money it brings to the conference that makes it to the so-called championship game (which it isn’t without a playoff), officials should be under NCAA control and employ, not the conferences themselves which have a vested interest in getting their teams to the top of the BCS standings.

    I’m not suggesting the fix is in, but a few weeks ago those suggesting it were dismissed as kooks, and with each terrible call favoring Alabama and Florida, the bad smell gets worse and it’s harder and harder to continue to see the “conspiracy” folks as kooks on the fringe. They look more and more plausible with each bad call.

  • rtr

    Eligibility Lost by Going Out of Bounds
    ARTICLE 4. No eligible offensive receiver who goes out of bounds during a down shall touch a legal forward pass in the field of play or end zones or while airborne until it has been touched by an opponent or official (A.R. 7-3-4-I-III). (A.R. 7-3-4-IV)].PENALTY—Loss of down at the previous spot [S16 and S9].

    If Julio touched the ball, then the play is dead, regardless of who eventually caught it, and whether that player got one or both feet down in bounds. And of discussion.
    Better luck next year Tigers.

  • jwzg

    Ok, corndogs, and tell me karma doesn’t happen. Remember the “no call” on the obvious pass interference in the endzone in 2004? It’s amazing that I watched this video just last week and it’s now been removed because of a TOS violation. I guess LSU has NEVER benefitted from officiating incompetence.

    Enjoy the Chick-fil-a Bowl…again! ROTFL


  • Bleed Crimson

    Patrick. Note Julio’s feet and left hand. By rule the ball is out of bounds. Bama fans and SEC officials look forward to your appology.


    Bleed crimson,
    Julio’s right foot is in the air when he makes contact with the ball. Peterson has possession as soon as he has his hands on the ball. Any touching at that point, is negated by Peterson’s possession. Why do you think the SEC office refuses comment?
    If Hodges got the call right, you can bet they would have come out in support of the ref and said it was the right call. The SEC has taken enough beatings over the officials this year. There silence on the matter is deafening. They don’t want to have to make any more public apologies or reprimands for their officials.

  • daxxed

    Funny, whether the call was correct or not. What is LSU excuse for not beating Bama the other 59 minutes and 53 seconds of the game. Since the play in question took only 7 seconds. So the Tiger fans blame their inability to win the game on a disputed call..Could it be that your team was just out played, their conditioning was not the caliber of Bama’s, your coaches were out coached and your team just did not have the strength to excel or even compete in the 4th quarter. Proof is in the stats and the final score…

  • brad

    ok the corndog thing just confuses me.. its been called to my attention this week that other SEC fans refer to tailgating at tiger stadium as going to a carnival. can anyone say JEALOUSY!!! Anyone that has ever been to death valley, knows that it is one of the most mystic, beautiful, intimidating place in the country to play college football. and as for corndogs, our tailgate food consists of gumbo, and etouffee, and jamabalaya and many other unbelievable foods ever.. Were sorry that nobody ever talks about the atmosphere of other SEC venues but you dont have to HATE

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Bill

    Disclosure: Bama fan

    While I feel all wrongs, even against my beloved ‘Bama, should be rectified, the video is inconclusive even on the best of days. Seeing a photo of chewed up grass somewhere does nothing to help Larry’s case.

    I’ll admit I’m still looking at the clip to see if the pass was intercepted. It’s incredibly close. That said, I’m still not seeing inconclusive evidence it was. For better or worse, the camera just didn’t get that low y’all.