Urban Meyer was ‘very angry’ with Bret Bielema accusations

Urban Meyer upset some Big Ten coaches by flipping some recruits to Ohio State on National Signing Day. A few notable Big Ten coaches felt Meyer had broken an unspoken agreement within the conference that coaches would not talk to recruits who had made verbal commitments. Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema said what Meyer did was illegal. Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez found no fault in Meyer’s actions.

Meyer addressed the accusations Thursday and said they upset him.

“I was very angry,” Meyer said during an appearance on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland. “Whenever you use those terms, something like ‘illegal,’ that couldn’t be further from the truth. That doesn’t happen here, and if it did, we would make a change with whoever did it.

“I was very angry that would even be brought up, and there were fellow Big Ten coaches who were angry as well. And the commissioner was very angry, so there was a lot of…to have that make the presses, especially when it’s inaccurate, legally you’re not allowed to do that. That’s slander. To use someone’s name in terms like that is very wrong, but we moved on.”

Urb also said once the program brings in a number of top-flight players, we’ll start seeing their offense produce “ridiculous numbers.”

As far as recruiting players who have committed goes, I see both sides. These coaches already work themselves to death, so once they get a commitment from a player, maybe they feel it’s time to relax. But like Urban believes, shouldn’t players be fair game until they’ve actually signed with a school?

Recruiting may be open season, but Meyer and his staff are going to work themselves to death if they keep pushing to flip players. I wish they would put more of a stop to this stuff to keep an already hideous business from getting even more ugly.

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  • Gene

    If the Big Ten coaches had a verbal understanding about flipping, then Bielema is in the right, even though he should have used the word “unethical” versus “illegal”.  The Big Ten is not the SEC, but Meyer is going to change all that.  The Pac 12 just had a player wind up at UCLA who changed his mind three times.  

    I agree that the whole recruiting process needs to be closely examined by the NCAA (ha ha). 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FFSK2V564ULFHQHWAGYTMP5JY4 Ken

    Maybe Urb ought to consider ETHICS  and doing what is right, regardless of whether or not it was ILLEGAL.  Good grief.