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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Chad Johnson Nicknamed Little Chad ‘Russell the Love Muscle’

With his stint on Dancing With the Stars well in the past, Chad Ochocinco Johnson has moved onto his VH1 dating show Perfect Catch. The entire show is frivolous nonsense and tests actually confirm the loss of four IQ points per episode watched. But there was one moment from Chad’s most recent show that’s worth a mention. While discussing sex at dinner with two of his suitors, Chad explained how it’s a privilege for women to be blessed with an appearance from “Russell the Love Muscle.” It’s that sort of marketing that gets one a TV show on VH1. Can you top that? Here’s the clip:

I suppose it’s better than “The Octagon.” The question on everyone’s mind at this time has to be … did he name his testes?

Chad Ochocinco Nicknames His Johnson ‘Russell the Love Muscle’ (VIDEO) [TV Squad]

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