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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ben & Jerry’s creates ‘Lin-Sanity’ ice cream featuring fortune cookie bits

I thought we were past this point, especially after what’s transpired recently, but apparently we’re not. Ben & Jerry’s released a limited-edition flavor of ice cream available only at its Harvard Square location in Cambridge. The flavor is called “Lin-Sanity,” and it was released in Harvard Square because Jeremy Lin went to Harvard.

But here’s where they venture into the racism.

The “Lin-Sanity” container advertises that the flavor is “vanilla frozen yogurt with Lychee honey swirls and fortune cookie pieces.” Yup, the ice cream contains fortune cookie pieces, got that?

Again, when discussing Jeremy Lin, why does everything have to be about fortune cookies, or egg rolls, or dumplings, or Asian things? Why can’t you just create a generic, stereotype-free food like Lin Mint?

I would have thought that two weeks of missteps would have taught us not to venture into stereotypes when it comes to Jeremy Lin, but apparently people still haven’t learned their lessons.

H/T Deadspin
Picture via Ben & Jerry’s

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