British Gas picked an odd spot for its logo on British swimsuits (Picture)

British Gas is a sponsor for British swimming, and either its product placement on the swim trunks weren’t well thought out, or they were a little too cleverly placed.

A Tumblr site called Poison Paradise posted this picture of British diver and teen heartthrob Tom Daley over the weekend. Their caption was “I understand putting sponsors’ names on uniforms but maybe the a– isn’t the best place for ‘British Gas.'”

Of course it isn’t. Unless you’re just trying to be funny.

Looking back at some photo galleries, it appears the rear was the location of the British Gas logo on the suits for the July 2011 FINA World Championship in China. They must have had complaints or decided to make a change, because by the 18th FINA Visa Diving World Cup in London in February, the British Gas logo had moved to a more conventional location on the front of the suits:

I suppose at the least British Gas got plenty of brand recognition. Easily the most striking product placement since this.

H/T Buzz Feed Sports via Fourth-Place Medal
Photo: Feng Li/Getty Images

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  • SherylSimpson

    the worst were the old MMA Condom Depot butt ads…

  • SamPipitone

    Well He hasn’t anything to worry a bought.I think He can still get a date.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.talbot.5496 Eric Talbot

    Sam, what worry might Tom Daley have bought?

    As far as getting a date, you’re right – he hasn’t a worry.  A little misplaced gas won’t get in his way one bit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eric.talbot.5496 Eric Talbot

    Oh! I see – I think you meant to say, “He hasn’t anything to worry ABOUT.”

  • http://samjpipitone.blogspot.com/ Sam J.Pipitone

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  • http://samjpipitone.blogspot.com/ Sam J.Pipitone

    There are a few bugs or speed bumps. I get a little baffled on some of the ways it sends you around the internet.

  • http://samjpipitone.blogspot.com/ Sam J.Pipitone

    Some of the web pages it sends you to do not open or are non functional, They appear to be snap shots of the page.

  • Tom and Jo Ann Shepard

    Gee, didn’t anyone notice the large object in the front that he seems to be caressing in the picture?  I thought THAT was the problem here — much “larger” that a little gas!