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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Chad Ochocinco claims his car was broke into and his wallet was stolen … but was it a staged brand integration advertisement?

Chad Ochocinco seemed to be having a bad day on Wednesday. The Patriots receiver tweeted that his rented luxury SUV was broken into and he had his wallet stolen from the car. He shared a picture on Twitter of a car with a shattered window:

Ochocinco followed up by sharing this video about his plight (language NSFW):

There was something fishy about the video. Ochocinco said he wasn’t worried about having his credit cards canceled, but he emphasized how heartbreaking it was that his gold Starbucks card was stolen. He also mentioned not being able to eat at IHOP a few times in the video. He specifically tweeted specifically about IHOP and Starbucks several times.

Next thing you know, someone tells Chad that they found his wallet in a parking lot:

Now how would that be possible? Someone just so happened to find his wallet in a parking lot? Give me a break. And then of course Starbucks’ Twitter account got in about 3 or 4 tweet exchanges with Ochocinco where they claimed the issue was resolved and that they’d issue him a new card.

Some of the stuff Ochocinco does on Twitter seems very staged. Other things seem slightly more real. This one seemed staged to me, and like it was a combined marketing effort between Ochocinco and Starbucks (and possibly IHOP). Hey, I definitely could be wrong. If so, then he just gave the coffee company a whole lot of cool publicity. I doubt he would do it for free given how business-savvy Ochocinco is, but like I said, I could be wrong.

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