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Sunday, May 20, 2018

David Beckham Throwing Son Birthday Party at the Harry Potter Castle?

Birthday party ideas can be tough to come by for a parent. Do you take your son to a ballgame? Do you bring he and his friends to the batting catches and let them have all the ice cream they can eat? Maybe a water park is in store? If you have more money than you know what to do with, planning can be made a bit easier.

According to the Daily Star, Victoria and David Beckham are planning the sickest 13th birthday party ever for their son Brooklyn.  Forget the petting zoo, the Beckhams are planning to rent out the Harry Potter castle and give Brooklyn and his friends free reign of the place for a day.  We learned from Beckham’s tattoo that he loves his kids, but this is what I call a birthday bash.

The castle in Northumberland — which is actually named Alnwick Castle — has become a major tourist attraction since the Harry Potter films were made.  A source said Brooklyn is a huge Harry Potter fan, and if that’s the case I can’t imagine the Battleaxe and Broomsticks tour and everything else the castle has to offer won’t make for the best birthday party he could ever imagine.  Imagine what Brent Burns would do if he were invited?

When I was 13 I think my parents took my friends and I to an AHL hockey game because we all wanted to eat hot dogs and watch people fight.  Don’t get me wrong mom and dad, that was an awesome time.  But still…

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