Obama Bowling Alley Just a Hoax (Video)

You may have received an email recently showing a picture of a bowling alley where President Barack Obama’s face is seen at the end of each lane. The alley is purported to be in Clearwater (Fl.), so the Countryside Lanes alley in Clearwater has been flooded with calls from people across the country eager to knock over the President’s teeth.

Only there’s one problem: the email was a hoax; Countryside Lanes looks like your standard bowling alley.

The alley’s general manager, Tina May, told FOX 13 in Tampa that she doesn’t know how the hoax started, and she’s not happy about it.

“My personal opinion is it’s a very disrespectful thing,” May says. “I didn’t approve of it at all and that was basically what I told people, no we don’t do that and I don’t know many around here who would.”

Now that it’s been revealed as a hoax, the phone calls are starting to die down.

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  • Anonymous

    Larry, look up the article that described the changes the Obama’s planned to make when they moved into the White House.  The President wanted to remove the bowling alley and replace it with a basketball court. I think that it may have come from someone inside the bowling industry who was upset about the change.

  • Admiral America

    If anyone has the guts to make such an alley they really would make big money.