900 pounds of Butterfingers dumped in Boston to mock Wes Welker’s drop

While Giants fans had their victory parade in New York City Tuesday, Patriots fans had to endure an even worse reminder about the Super Bowl loss. Online pawn shop Pawngo left 900 pounds of Butterfingers (8,000 bars) in the middle of Copley Square in Boston to mock Wes Welker’s costly drop in the Super Bowl.

The guy already feels badly enough about it, and now you have to do this? That’s brutal. They should have left some Nerf guns too to point out how Tom Brady misfired on the pass as well.

Photo Credit: Katherine Castro Photography

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  • Gene

    I am a big Patriots fan, but my gosh, it’s only a football game.  

  • Anonymous

    You obviously aren’t a very big football fan and since when do you rely on just one player?

  • Gene

    You are obviously full of crap.  I would do an NFL or college football history challenge with you any day.  I’ve seen and been interested in football probably long before you were born.

    A healthy Gronk would have required frequent double coverage, which would have allowed the other receivers to get open more frequently.  It would not have mattered if the team lost by 20 points, but in a close game, it made a difference as much as the “dropped passes”.

  • Anonymous

    All I hear are sorry excuses as to why the Pats lost. ________________________________

  • Gene

    This is not a sorry excuse but a reason.  I am very objective and the four football teams left standing were all worthy of winning or losing and the little things made the difference in both conference championship games and the Super Bowl.  It could have easily been the Ravens vs. the 49ers.  The Pats were lucky that the Ravens, with momentum, missed a 32 yard field goal, and the Giants were lucky that a second string 49ers kick returner, Williams, muffed a punt and fumbled a kickoff return which gave the G-men ten points.  The Giants were the most fortunate of the four teams and won it all.  They deserved to win this time more than four years ago.