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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Andy Reid Blames NFL Network, Says DeSean Jackson Was ‘All In’

Maybe Andy Reid thinks it is in his best interest to defend his players while he is coaching for his job, but who is he trying to fool? Earlier today we told you about DeSean Jackson’s antics after Thursday night’s game against the Seahawks. Anyone who was watching the game knows Jackson gave up and turned into a complete malcontent.  Despite DeSean looking like a six-year-old on the sidelines and being short with reporters after the game, Reid says he was fully invested in winning the game.

“DeSean, I’m going to tell you now, DeSean was all in that game,” Reid said during his Friday press conference according to the Philadelphia Daily News. “He had a great attitude during that game, and you can take a camera and make some things look the way you want to make them look, but that kid was all in last night, and I was proud of him for that.”

Reid added that he was “very, very disappointed” in the way the NFL Network portrayed his disgruntled receiver during the game.  He also said Jackson’s lack of production has been the result of teams zeroing in on him because he is such an offensive threat.

Anyone who was watching the game saw Jackson give up on a number of plays and not even look toward Vince Young on one particular play when Young was trying to get the ball to him deep down the field.  Considering Reid also insisted he could not hear the “fire Andy” chants that were raining down on him last weekend, it’s not surprising to hear that he is looking the other way with the Jackson situation.  After all, both could be on their way out the door within a couple of months.

H/T to Pro Football Talk for passing along the story.

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