Colts Radio Announcer Bob Lamey Rips Peyton Manning Off-Air

What do New York Islanders TV announcer Howie Rose and Indianapolis Colts radio man Bob Lamey have in common? Both men were caught on epic rants which they thought no one could hear. The difference: Rose was bagged ripping a horrendous hockey team that had just lost 13 straight games, while Lamey was dogging one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.

Pro Football Talk called our attention to an interesting piece from Stampede Blue that highlights Lamey’s alleged spaz out, where he trashed Peyton Manning and said Jim Caldwell should bench him.  The clip — which Stampede Blue has yet to track down — was played on ESPN Radio 1070 in Indianapolis.  At first I was skeptical about the validity of the claim, but word has it Lamey approached Manning at his locker to apologize on Wednesday.

Amidst Lamey’s rant was talk of NFL defenses having “figured Manning out” and that the Colts should start looking for his replacement in the 2011 draft.  Lamey also expressed that he thought No. 18 should be benched in favor of Curtis Painter.  That’s right, Curtis Painter.  Manning has been horrible lately and thrown 11 picks in three games, but he’s still Peyton Manning.

Lamey is supposedly a classic homer when he calls games, but he should probably be in fear of losing his job.  The Indianapolis Star said Manning “appeared to accept” his apology, but now that the story has become public it may be tougher for Manning to let go and if Peyton ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  How would you feel if someone said Curtis Painter should replace you?  Not too good, and you aren’t one of the two best quarterbacks in the NFL.

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Peyton Manning for Curtis Painter? What an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    The fans in Indy just absolutely kill me, along with Lame Lamey. Remember, these are the guys that got you to 2 Super Bowls, remember Indy was nothing until Peyton Manning came here. Are you so unforgiving that you cannot cut this guy some slack? And by the way booing your own quarterback is so tacky as is walking out during a game.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and one final thought, lets bench Lamey.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a season ticket holder and no one booed Peyton in Indy. The notorious Chargers clip occurs because the fans are booing the no-call on the clear hold that allowed the defender to step in front of the pass.

    No one booed the offense against the Cowboys either. The fans that I’ve been sitting next to for the last three years and I discussed how putrid the line was, that was a theme in our entire section, but no one (sane) in Indianapolis is calling for Peyton to be benched.

    Lamey shouldn’t be fired for dissing Peyton.

    Lamey should be fired because this rant shows exactly how little he, and most other announcers, know about football. Benching Peyton Manning for Curtis Painter is absurd enough, but that NFL defenses have figured out Peyton Manning is farcical. Disturb the pocket and hit the quarterback? Every coordinator knows this, it’s just that we have an offensive line that suddenly allows every defense to execute this plan which makes Peyton look bad. It’s not even that damn hard and if Lamey can’t figure it out then he has no business announcing games. The filler all over the radio is why its dying.

  • Anonymous

    I never said they booed Manning, they booed Painter and before anyone gets their bowels in an uproar maybe he did deserve it but hey what a confidence builder Indy you really have class. Don’t boo your own quarterback, there will be plenty of people on the other side to do that for you. Also being benched does not mean fired.