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Monday, June 18, 2018

Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray not big on Peyton Manning to Redskins

One of the teams that seems to keep coming up in the Peyton Manning discussion is the Washington Redskins. Like many other teams across the NFL, they desperately need consistency at quarterback. Naturally, Redskins fans would welcome the addition. Manning with a noodle arm is probably still better than Rex Grossman. The mayor of Washington D.C. is not so sure, however. When asked about it on Tuesday, Vincent Gray did not seem overly excited about the potential of Manning in a ‘Skins uniform.

“You know, I think it depends on what role he would play, Bruce,” Gray told NewsChannel 8’s Bruce DuPuyt. “But I really think the Redskins need a quarterback that they can build with for the future. You know, Andrew Luck is probably going to go to the Colts, but there’s Robert Griffin III, and there’s a couple other promising quarterbacks that are out there. We’ve kind of been down this pathway with quarterbacks who’ve been great but maybe are in the back end of their career, and even if he comes in and plays a year or two, where do we go from there?

“If going young meant another year of 5-11 but it meant potentially a brighter future…is that a (satisfactory) tradeoff, if you will?”

Gray has a point. If Manning’s rehab has been going as poorly as some are reporting, bringing him on board would be a huge risk. At this point in his career, Peyton doesn’t really have time to adapt to a new system and rebuild his arm strength. By the time he conquers both of those things he’d be in his late-30s. If Manning is not going to come in and turn the Redskins into an immediate playoff contender, is he even worth the risk?

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