Bears CB D.J. Moore on Jay Cutler: ‘I don’t think you can act like that’

Jay Cutler took a beating against the Packers on Thursday night. He was sacked a whopping seven times and hurried on almost all of his throws, which lead to a four-interception performance in the loss. The Bears offensive line clearly has issues that need to be worked out. Tackle J’Marcus Webb played particularly poorly, and Cutler showed him up on the field by getting in his face on multiple occasions and even shoving him at one point.

The national media has been ripping Cutler apart for the past four days for acting unprofessionally. If the comments Bears cornerback D.J. Moore made about the incident on Monday are any indication, Cutler’s teammates aren’t thrilled about it either.

“What did he do? Did he shove the guy? Oh yeah,’’ Moore said sarcastically according to the Chicago Sun-Times. “(I think the criticism is warranted) man. I don’t think you can act like that, though. To make it seem like it’s just my fault or what not, I think it’s just wrong though, honestly. I would feel a certain way if he did me like that, to make it seem like, ‘Well, the reason I’m having a bad game is because is what you’re doing and not about me taking accountability for myself because I’m throwing these type of passes and doing these type of reads.’ It’s a tough situation.’’

Moore also added that Cutler has “always been that way” but reiterated that it would be better if those types of exchanges were kept behind closed doors and not for everyone watching on national television to see. Any quarterback would be frustrated if their offensive line allowed them to take the beating Cutler took on Thursday, but he needs to check his ego if the Bears want to avoid a locker room mutiny. Chemistry is key in the NFL, and showing up teammates doesn’t do anything to help strengthen a team’s foundation.

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  • SpinMax

    This is what I hate about society.
    Guy #1 is terrible at his job, screws it up royally.
    Guy #2 can’t do his job cause of Guy#1.
    Guy #2 calls out Guy #1.
    Guy #2 is the bad guy, cause feelings, awwwww, got hurt.

    Can’t wait until the next sideline argument that is blown out of proportion.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    There’s one thing you’re leaving out though, Spin. Cutler is also the QB and team leader. He needs to make the players around him better, and I’m not sure what he did is helping the team. 

  • SpinMax

    If Peyton Manning tore one of his guys a new arse tonight it would be called leadership and determination and coaching

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Agreed, the person’s public reputation plays a role in the media’s treatment of him/her.

  • QEagles4vr

    The difference is Manning wouldn’t have done it like that.

  • Hestermyman

    yes, he would.  seen it before.  you’re in denial.

  • bigbearfan

    Maybe the last rated cornerback on the team should worry about his OWN game, and trying to contribute in practice ae well he is able. No right voicing an opinion in the media when you are “riding the pine”. D.J. your opinion of the situation means squat.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/URUEB67EJKHT36NBYGJT6YLHHI Scott

    I’m reading all these dumb ass comments about Jay Cutler and some of you fools need to slap yourself and say I’m a dumb ass! Jay is doing EVERYTHING he can to motivate and PUSH his front crap line to block. If he is given half the time the opposing quarterback was given you would see blow outs being pitched by Jay. Remember the days when you would play with your friends in front yard and you would call Mississippi count before attacking the quarterback?, well do that same thing when you watch him drop back to pass and you will see that front offensive line is a complete joke

  • strait out

    jay cultler is not a elite quarterback!!! look at stats in denver 17-22 with a solid offensive live nobody got bumped!!! plus brandon marshall was on the team!!! donvonan mcnabb showed stats cutler,marshall did not when a ton of games go look up youre self really!!!! cutler remind me of jeff george!! tice has a ego problem first year calling plays,changeing the drop backs for cutler the same crap!!! mike martz stament was ego’s on bears staff last year it showed!!! week 5 you would know were youre team is at,everybodys team they love cheer for!!! mind cowboys im wishing for mike martz cowboys has the offensive players,oline to put the greatest show #2 on the feild!! thanks wish you bears fans luck

  • QEagles4vr

    Do you even know what that means?  Denial about what?
    Cutler is a baby and his teammates have had enough and he will probably pay in ways he will regret.

  • Hestermyman

    okay, brother.  smoke the proverbial joint.  seen Manning scold his players on the field plenty of times.  my comment was 6 hours ago.  time to move on, son.

  • Cor7

    I want to see any of these DEFENSIVE players or any of you guys that comment about cutler being a cry baby to take the 120 sacks by 300 pound guys since he’s been here and say that’s ok guys we will get them next time. Oh don’t worry about me I hopefully will come out of this not needing any major surgerys to fix my broken body. Or not have a reaction after the 5th or 6th time being thrown to the ground and be absolutly 100% professional. He may be different and crass at times but to get all this negativity is laughable. To think everyone here is Mr. perfect and point fingers and kick a guy when he’s already down. I don’t know if I would have punched the guy in the face or not in the heat of the moment and none of you hypocrites know either! This Bear season is done after game two and it’s not because they are not capable. It’s because they are against each other and pointing fingers already! Hope it changes