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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Doesn’t Understand Which Team to Cheer For

I spent Monday praising the Falcons for their turnaround and Matt Ryan for his amazing display of maturity despite being a rookie quarterback. You would ordinarily figure that if anyone would be pleased by the team’s display it would be the team’s owner, Arthur Blank. While Blank might be pleased with the team’s success, he clearly does not understand the game of football. In this video, check the bottom right corner following the long completion from Ryan to Michael Jenkins that set up the game-winning field goal. You’ll be surprised to see a rich man in a suit trying to help the other team win. That man is Arthur Blank, according to The Sporting Blog:

Attention Dan Orlovsky: you now have some competition for most bone-headed play of the year. I’m guessing Mr. Blank won’t be making many more appearances on the sidelines following that display. Get a freaking clue dude.

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