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Monday, May 21, 2018

Job not Done for Peyton

Dear Peyton,

You may have won the battle, but you have not won the war.  Yes, you led a magnificent comeback against your nemesis – the Patriots.  Yes, your team was down 21-3 at one point and you still won.  Yes, you came through and delivered in the clutch.  Yes, you outplayed 3 time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.  Yes, you overcame the unconquerable Bill Belichick. 

Yes, you led all quarterbacks in passer rating and touchdowns in the regular season.  Yes, you are already highly ranked amongst all-time quarterbacks in passing yards and touchdowns.  Yes, you have enjoyed 377yd/5TD and 457yd/4TD games in the playoffs – and those have been overlooked.  Yes, you are already carving a niche amongst the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game.

But let me repeat, you may have won the battle, but you have not won the war.

Unfortunately for you Peyton, going 12-4 in the AFC, beating the league’s top defense (Baltimore) on the road, and the dynasty team of the decade (Patriots) in the playoffs simply will render itself meaningless should you lose the Super Bowl. Should you lose, you will be subject to the same criticism that has plagued you since the day you set foot on the Tennessee campus – Peyton Manning cannot win the big game.

Peyton, for the sake of criticism that will never die, please win the Super Bowl.


The Sports Media et al.

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