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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Mark Sanchez’s agent Brian Murphy takes a shot at Tim Tebow

With organized team activities having begun this week across the NFL, the Tim Tebow watch is officially underway in New York. While it would take a training camp miracle for Tebow to earn the starting quarterback job over Mark Sanchez, he’s a hard worker who has made that his goal. On Thursday, reports from Jets camp were that Sanchez looked extremely sharp while Tebow missed a lot of throws. For whatever reason, this seemed to surprise a lot of people.

Upon hearing multiple media outlets talking about how Sanchez outperformed Tebow at training camp, Sanchez’s agent Brian Murphy decided to pump up his client while taking a shot at Tebow.

“No offense media, but of course Sanchez is going to out perform Tim (Tebow),” Murphy wrote on Twitter. “Mark is a franchise quarterback and Tim is a great athlete.”

Murphy’s job is to praise his clients, so the tweet shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, he did feel the need to backpedal a bit after being instantly ripped apart by the Tebowmaniacs.

“Didn’t mean to create a stir nor disrespect TT who has done nothing but excel on football field. This is my opinion and time will tell.”

At the end of the day, Tebow and Sanchez are teammates. The Jets could use both of them this season, so they’re going to have to find a way to get both of them to ignore everything that is being said in the newspapers and on Twitter and just go out and perform. The media is going to try to make them out to be enemies, but when the season begins that can’t be the case.

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