Mike Francesa-Darrelle Revis Interview Ends With Revis Hanging Up (Audio)

Apparently there is a new memo circulating around the NFL. If you are a guest appearing on a radio show or a coach on a conference call and don’t like what you’re hearing, just hang up. Mike Tomlin ditched Jacksonville reporters during a conference call last week because they were being too pushy.  On Friday, Darrelle Revis gave WFAN’s Mike Francesa the same treatment when he became unhappy with Francesa calling him out about a potential pass interference penalty against Brandon Marshall.  Check out this audio clip from the YES Network. The good stuff starts around the five-minute mark.

No cornerback wants to have a 100-yard interception return taken away from them, and no one questions the validity of a pick that occurred on the famous Revis Island.  For what it’s worth, that coverage looked like a little more than bump and run from Revis.  That being said he has earned the respect of NFL officials so he’s going to get most of those calls that could go either way when contact occurs within or near the five-yard bubble.

On a side note, it wouldn’t take much for me to want to give Francesa the Dick Vitale treatment either.  He’s one of those radio hosts that must drive players and coaches insane with his know-it-all attitude and pompous laugh.  Whether Revis committed a penalty or not, nobody wants to have that argument with a d-bag like Francesa.

H/T to Jimmy Traina for pointing out the video.

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  • Anonymous

    Mark Francesa,  I was not impressed with how he handled that phone call. I am a women who is a sports enthusiast who is also a radio deejay, I have a love to be like him, be in sports radio and do that for a living. He is a passionate person but he was NOT just joking with Revis about that penalty. He voiced his opinion and should have stopped, if you were joking he should have said that. Then to say this is why he does not talk to the jets was a contradiction as I believe he coxed Revis into getting upset and you know an agent or manager isn’t going to let them say or get angry publicly, so he shouldn’t have blamed him. In media we try to get the best of people, It’s our job but I feel as if he did that then blamed him. So were you joking Mark and don’t believe that or do you believe that and said that you were joking to try to make up for being persistently rude?

  • shamrockacres

    Francesa, is a pompos air bag who love to hear himself talk, I’m glad some one gave him what  he deseves

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ODXS5RGZDCEYQPSQT4RRHO2BC4 RonK

    I had no idea who Mike Francesa was prior to listening to his interview. The bottom line  is the guys a total  IDIOT and all athletes ought to refuse to talk to this MORON. Furthermore I have no idea who even listens to this IDIOT, I would have hung up on his as well. YOUR 100% COREECT MIKE NO-ONE LIKES YOU BECAUSE YOUR A TOTAL JERK WAD. It’s supposed to be an inteerview – not a brow beat.

  • jay m

    What a dufus! I’m not a Revis or a Jets fan….but it’s like Revis said “Did the Ref’s throw a flag?” State your opinion and STFU!!! What? You don’t have any other questions as a DJ besides asking the guy to state the obvious when the obvious was not called? What a lousy DJ. That’s what all the great players get..LEEWAY!!!! Case in point: Micheal Jordan shoves Bryan in game six for championship point! Did you really think the refs were gonna call that? If it was an average player it’s a foul but it wasn’t. Look at any sports, the whole world knows it’s a foul or penalty but at the end of the day the refs didn’t call it. What a moron!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bucstopcom-Best-Bucs-Videos/100002596380457 Bucstopcom Best Bucs Videos

    he pushed it too far. you have to realize when the player had had enough.