Peyton Manning Reportedly Struggling to Get Healthy, Facing Retirement

People are so used to seeing Peyton Manning perform and perform well, it’s hard for them to grasp the idea that he may never be able to play quarterback again. But that’s the reality, because Peyton is recovering from neck surgery, not some minor procedure on his knee.

SI’s Peter King reported Sunday that Peyton Manning was struggling to get healthy. Also on Sunday, ESPN’s John Clayton told Amy Lawrence that Peyton Manning is likely headed for retirement. Gil Brandt of NFL.com says his gut tells him Peyton will retire. And anyone who is speculating where Peyton Manning will play next season is putting cart the cart before the horse, according to King.

So what’s the big takeaway here? Not only might Peyton be done in Indy, but Rob Lowe’s retirement prediction may turn out to be accurate. This may be shocking because it wasn’t long ago that Peyton was playing at an MVP level, but remember, neck injuries are major, not minor.

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  • Anonymous

    If Peyton has to hang it up, he has nothing to hang his head about…he’s got the numbers, wins, SB win and MVPs. He’s a man’s man and will always be one of the best.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CVK7ZNCFSD3UBQCB52ZW3P7YIE Joelseph

    It is not fair to say the Colts keep Manning for $36million regardless if he can play.  He built the stadium, he made the NFL relevant in Indiana.  But, if it’s time forhim to retire (and not die due to further neck injury) then it is time.  If the Colt’s have to ‘cut’ his current contract because he is not medically cleared then so be it.  I’d love to see Peyton become the Colt VP of media relations or some other awesome management position.  Something that keeps a horseshoe on his shirt and anyother team away from him.
    If he want to coach, great but Peyton should stay a Colt, end of story

  • Anonymous

    colts will make this messy,and will be like was for montana,..if hes seriously not healing,should retire and hired as qb coach right away,he is future great nfl coach,or another damn espn bobble head of opinions.sigh………coch manning it should be.
    andrew j. pallazzo
    ps///eli and giants please beat that cheat of a coach and brady.got eli!!!!