Peyton Manning’s top two teams reportedly are Broncos and Titans

Peyton Manning has been visiting with different teams and he reportedly has narrowed his list of potential suitors. According to The Denver Post, the four finalists for Peyton Manning’s services are the Broncos, Titans, Cardinals, and Dolphins. The Post says the Broncos and Titans are in his top two.

One of the selling points for the Broncos is that coach John Fox reportedly will allow Peyton Manning to create the offense. Manning also reportedly believes Denver will be a good place for his family. He may be concerned that Denver is a cold weather city given that he played his career in a dome.

Peyton has met with three teams in the past week and may meet with Tennessee Wednesday to make that four.

I’m honestly very surprised with his list. If I were Peyton, I would have focused on picking a team that had a really good defense to become closer to winning a Super Bowl. Denver played good defense last season, but none of the other three teams have standout defenses. Signing with San Francisco, Houston, or the Jets would have had positioned him closer to winning another ring. Signing with any of those four teams will likely make him a playoff contender, not Super Bowl contender.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MAMAV3664QV26EB2LVUKBRGBR4 Patrick

    I am a die hard Bronco fan so I would love to see him in a Bronco jersey but honestly I would rather see him go to the Titans… Denver needs to think in the long haul, I hate to say it but we need to keep Tebow, We need to see what he can do. He had a year to dance around and run backwards most the game then, all of sudden come out at the end and play as clutch as any elite QB in the league. He might become a top NFL QB, nobody knows right now. He is young and he only has started 3/4 of a season, not even 16 games. I think its Denver’s best option to pass on Manning, (who knows if he can even play with his surgeries)  I wish Manning luck and I know if he is healthy then what ever team he joins will automatically be a contender. Still Broncos should keep Tebow and not disrespect him so much, (as much as I love you, Elway) Think about the future. I would hate to see us Trade Tebow because we got Manning and then see Manning get injured and Tebow have a phenomenal season next year as a Jag… Yeah I hope Manning goes to the Titans.