Pitbull concert may have delayed Ed Reed signing with the Texans


The Houston Texans have made it no secret that they desperately want to bring veteran All-Pro safety Ed Reed on board. On Thursday, everyone from the Texans official Twitter account to defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was gushing over the team’s decision to fly a private jet to pick Reed up and bring him to Houston for a meeting. It’s starting to look like Reed could sign with the Texans, but did rapper Pitbull delay the team’s plans?

According to Around the League, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle told “NFL AM” on Friday morning that the Texans had to cut their meeting with Reed short on Thursday so they could get out of Reliant Stadium before more than 70,000 fans piled in for the Pitbull concert. Despite the inconvenience, McClain said he still expects Reed to sign with the team.

“I don’t think they would have done that if they didn’t think they had a good chance to keep him, they don’t want to send him home on Southwest,” McClain said.

On Friday morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter cited a source who said it is only a “50-50 at best” chance that Reed signs with the Texans. There’s still a possibility he could return to Baltimore or explore other options. As of Friday afternoon, Reed had reportedly left the building in Houston without a deal.

The Texans and their fans would desperately like to have a veteran, ball-hawking presence like Reed to anchor their defense. If they’re unable to pull it off, blame Pitbull. Who knows what else could have been accomplished if his concert didn’t interrupt.

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  • God2U

    Why would some zero talent douchebag NO ONE has ever heard of delay his signing ?

  • Geoff Marolda

    That was a pretty ignorant statement.

  • Geoff Marolda

    It wasn’t just Pitbull. It is currently the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo which is an annual event held at Reliant Park (and the Astrodome before that) that draws in millions of fans over the course of a month. He just happened to be the post Rodeo entertainment that night.

  • grey32

    Come back to Baltimore ED,Please

  • esdanny

    So nobody with the Texans couldn’t tell Reed what was happening at the stadium? Couldn’t find a nice class place like the owners box? Texans just want to see their name in the news, if I were Reed I’d get out of the land of BS as fast as possible, next move I wouldn’t know what to do, ya can’t go back to Baltimore with your tail between your legs, Texans really screwed him over, what he did was in good faith to check stuff out. If he gets back to Baltimore, they’ll have figure out how to do it without anyone losing face. As for the Texans, I put them in the same category as the Ravens(hate both teams, just hate Texans more now)

  • God2U

    Its also the gospel truth if youre older than 9 and arent a douchebag