Terry Bradshaw rips Drew Brees: ‘I’m not into records, I’m into winning Super Bowls’

Sunday night was a special night for Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints for a number of reasons. After struggling for four games, New Orleans picked up its first win of the season vs. the San Diego Chargers. While that was the most important part of the evening, the win was slightly overshadowed when Brees broke Johnny Unitas’ 52-year-old record by throwing a touchdown pass in his 48th straight game. That overshadowing was a problem for FOX NFL Sunday’s Terry Bradshaw.

During a recent interview with WFAN’s Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno, Bradshaw ripped Brees for the way he went about breaking the record.

“(The record) didn’t blow me away,” Bradshaw said. “I’m not much on that stuff … I’m not into records, fellas. I’m just into winning football games. (The Saints) hadn’t won a game … I’m not into records, I’m into winning Super Bowls … These things aren’t important. We lose sight of why we play. We play to win and to win championships, not to break records.”

Tough not to agree with Bradshaw on that. While the record was certainly impressive and something to be proud of, it was bizarre that they celebrated it so emphatically with the Saints having been off to such a horrendous start. Bradshaw seemed most annoyed by the fact that Brees asked the NFL for permission to have suspended head coach Sean Payton in attendance.

“I was a little upset that he went to the NFL to get Payton and everybody back to watch him break a record,” Bradshaw said. “I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I never would have gone and asked for them back … I thought it was disrespectful to the San Diego Chargers … So break it, go ahead. Hell, you’re throwing it 50 times a game … I’m just against stuff like that. I just don’t believe in doing stuff like that.”

Obviously, Bradshaw is a bit more old-school than most. Like the time he ripped the NFL earlier this year, I tend to think Terry has a point. During Sunday night’s game I thought it was a bit awkward that the Saints were so happy about something that happened during a season in which they have drastically underacheived. If they were 4-0 or even 2-2, the celebrating would have seemed a bit more appropriate.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=648790451 Robert Guy


  • cowboy1144603

    Hey Bradshaw….Drew has broken a record of one of the greats….Let the man celebrate and be happy for him…….I juat lost respect for you Terry ..As a fellow Louisiana citizen, Im dissapointed !!!!

  • berthaeibon50

    Brett Far was one, He injured his thumb and wouldn’t take himself out of game (in his contract that only himself could take himself out of game)he went 0/8 while injured, Ray Rodes and his coaching staff lost their jobs, Where was Terry than, bragging how great Far was, Far was always about his record. Far has the most TD’s 1st and goal at the1 yd line, he would’nt let the running backs even try to get TDS, Far was by far the most selfish QB of all time

  • flalumni

    In Bradshaws day, they certainly did not have the wild salaries. Terry made most of his $$ on endorsements, Movies, and of course now a sportscaster. Big Ben will break the record, but I for one am by no means think Ben is that hot…seems the defense of the Steelers bails him out. I think the Steelers are losing out by not letting Batch QB. Ben has cost them a lot of victories with some of his Big Mitakes he makes every game.
     And I have been a Steelers fan since the late 60’s, I have seen them come & go.

  • James Barrett

    Apparenttly you have no idea how bounties impact the flow of the game in and of itself. Bounties do not just impact the person being targeted but also affects those fellow players around them that may not want to stretch out for that pass or may settle for four yards instead of trying to get 10 or 12 yards by staying inbounds. Deepen your knowledge of the game of football and learn to listen to other people thoughts and expressions before telling someone to get a clue.  

  • RDP54

    I watched them all play in the past and they are all great! They all had distinct characteristics which made them winners. I see Bradshaws point, it was a little ridiculous how much they celebrated the record being broken, especially when you realize how much the rules have changed to help the offense score more and the fact that they play 16 games now instead of only 12 back then. You can’t compare the two.
    I doubt if Drew Brees would have lasted a few seasons under the old rules, he would have been crushed!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESSHKNUDQ7WTIJ6GB6XY3AMOYM Joe

    Do any of you think that either Brees or Brady would be braking these records if it wasn’t for the no defense allowed policy in the NFL? It’s horrible what the game has turned into.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZIJN6K3FNRRVARO2OK2YGIQ4HM Jim

    feetball SUCKS!!!

  • nannaw123

    If you listened to brees after the game he credited his teammates as well for helping to surpass this long held statistic.

    Brees is a first class person and recognizes his success comes with the success of each player contributing his part.  He knows football is a TEAM SPORT and not an individual one.  As for Bradshaw, if he were in Bree’s position he would have celebrated too!

    If Unitas’ son can give Bree his blessing, who are we to say it was not right to celebrate.

    Reading some of these responses makes me wonder about the intelligence and knowledge of the contributors.  Hopefully it is just someone wanting to get readers riled up and illicit a response from them and not the real thing of truly being stupid and ignorant.  Because if it is truly that you are stupid and ignorant I feel sorry for you.  Hope you make it in life.  I know it will be difficult.

    I’m not just responsing to Kayoss, but to all of the contributors who posted negative replies. 

  • nannaw123

    Amen Amen Amen.  Could not have said it better

  • nannaw123

    In answer to your above questions. 1) Yes.  2) Yes.  3)  Yes.  All of the above QB’s would have done just what Brees did.  Thank everyone for the faith, thank his team and wave to the crowd. 
    I’m old enough to remember all of these fine QBs.

  • nannaw123

    Sorry to tell you this, but he is already on their level. 

  • nannaw123

    Apparently some responders on this site never went to school or received an education.  It is unfortunate that we have so many who cannot say what they mean without using offensive and foul language.  If they were educated they could write their messages more intelligently to mean the same thing without all of the trash wording.  The only effect it has is to think lowly of the writer. 

  • thefootballlife

    first off I did not play pro ball but did play bigtime college football and if not for my own issues could have played in the pros so I am pretty sure I know more than you BUT even that being said I have no idea what stretching out for a ball has to do with a possible bounty system which was supposedly run by the defense has to do with Drew Brees breaking a record and second get a clue!